Who I Am

Trey, Angela, and LilliAna

In case you don’t know me, i am the Reverend Wm. M. Austin, III (but you can call me “Trey”), undershepherd of a small PCA congregation in southwest Virginia.

I’m originally from the Greenville, SC, area, where my family still lives. I am husband to Angela and father to LilliAna Grace and William IV. I love to cook, draw, paint, crochet, sew, read, write, preach, and play realtime strategy games. I am a fairly big Star Trek fan; my favorite series are DS9 and Voyager. I also love to watch LOST, Boston Legal, and American Idol. On occasion, i enjoy a good cigar (i like the expensive ones, but i also enjoy Black and Milds, too) and a beer or spirit. And, in my spare time (HA!) i’ve been trying to figure out golf (i shouldn’t be surprised that it was invented in Scotland, since Presbyterians are bad to make everything as hard as it possibly can be).

Oh, and i collect frogs (figurines, not the live ones).

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