2008April14, Monday

Sic’d and Sir’d

Posted in My Life, Theology at 12:43 by Trey Austin

Well, it’s been some kind of firestorm since i posted my post. Bloggers have responded; James White himself has sarcastically and condescendingly derided me on his internet radio show (Note to Dr. White: when responding to a critique from a brother, it’s a good idea not to engage in the very thing that is being critiqued!); i have received the most comments i have ever received for a single post. Now, i don’t know what happened at Dr. White’s behest—though, his internet broadcast certainly was nothing more than an invitation to his sycophants to flood the blogosphere with responses. It is always a priviledge to be referred to as “Sir” from James White. If you don’t know, that’s his way of maintaining a modicum of respectability and courteousness toward the person to whom he is speaking while treating him like you treat your tennis shoes when you’re trying to get the dog crap you just stepped in out of the grooves. Notice that Dr. White never refers to any other Christian with whom he has major disagrement as “brother.” That says a good bit in itself, and it goes to what i was saying in my original post.

So, in the spirit of defending myself (and i hope to do so without being rude or invective about it), i am writing another post, dealing this time with some of the comments Dr. White made on my blog and the comments others have made on their blogs or in the last post here. So you know, i don’t know why i haven’t received any ping-backs for them, but there were two blogs (that i know about) which directly linked to my blog and responded to what i said. You can find those here (Triablogue) and here (TurretinFan) and here (Tartanarmy).

What will follow is a series of posts that respond to various accusations and claims made against me. I decided to split them up instead of making on massive post, which was getting far too unweildy to post on a blog.


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