2008March26, Wednesday

Wrong on So Many Levels: “O-Mazing Grace”

Posted in Uncategorized at 13:57 by Trey Austin

If it has been a long time since you winced at someone singing, here’s your chance. If you’re like me, it will take a good bit of self-discipline just to make sure you listen to the whole thing. There may be something a little off about this fellow that would explain it; i don’t know. But one way or another, there should be some verse in the Bible that says “Brothers, let not many of you presume to lead worship….”

So, without further ado, i now present to you, “O-Mazing Grace.”



  1. tempe said,

    I wonder if we can teach him to sing from Bible Songs

  2. Rob said,

    I got a minute-twenty-five in and couldn’t take it anymore. Um, ow.

  3. Trey Austin said,

    Rob, if you didn’t go any farther, you missed the best part, right near the end. You need to watch it!

  4. Rob said,

    Oh, the humanity!

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  6. Al said,

    Oh dear… That poor guy. That poor church.

    al sends

  7. Al said,

    I just got to the end. Perhaps he is deaf. I know I wish I was.

    al sends

  8. Mike said,

    Wow! That was truly O-mazing.

  9. Amber said,

    please please PLEASE can we sing this next time we’re there for worship?!?!

  10. TJ said,

    Can someone please post all the lyrics?

  11. TJ said,

    Specifically, I had a little trouble understanding that part after “me”.

  12. TJ said,

    Correction, I had a little trouble understanding the part after “sound.”

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