2008March5, Wednesday

What Are They Selling?

Posted in Uncategorized at 13:53 by Trey Austin

We’ve all seen those commercials on TV that go through a whole sequence only to be advertizing something that seemed to have nothing to do with what you saw leading up to the end. Well, in some shopping i was doing online, i ran across this picture as part of a website selling something.


I challenge you, just looking at the picture, to try and figure out what the website is selling. Then, take a look at the link to the site where the picture appears (i’ll put it under the comments section), and see if you even had a clue.



  1. Trey Austin said,

    The link to the site can be found here.

  2. TJ said,

    Well, there are a couple of other “odd choices” for photos for this website. BTW, I’ve actually been to the “real store” and it doesn’t look anything like those photos!

    My guess was that it was an ad for TAG deodorant spray. I figured he needed a gun to fight off all the ladies…

  3. I’m not sure what I was expecting – but certainly not that!

    I have to believe a pic like that would be counterproductive to the sales effort. In fact, I would say that it appears more, from the pic, that the product being sold actually increases likelihood that the buyer would be ambushed!

  4. Trey Austin said,

    HAHA! AmBUSHED! So to speak!!!

  5. David said,

    They are using sex. Guns are sexy. Men with guns are sexy. Young good looking men with guns are even sexier.

    You are too redneck Trey. The eroticism in the picture is stark.


  6. Trey Austin said,

    Tell us more about how you think young, good-looking men with guns are so sexy, David. 😛

    No, i’m just kidding. Yes, i saw how the whole site uses those kinds of images–not just of young men but of young women as well. I just thought it was so hokey. I mean, there are some things that we’re used to people selling by using sexualized imagery. But there are some things you just don’t expect to be sold in such a manner. I mean, we’ve seen motorcycles and cars sold with bikini-clad women, but who ever heard of selling construction materials that way?

    There were lots of reasons why i just thought it was funny. There were other pictures i could have posted, but that one struck me particularly odd.

  7. Aaron Root said,

    Yeah, Trey, you got us. “Something to do with gardening” actually crossed my mind, but I came no closer.

    A request before you do something like this again though. I have made a covenant with my eyes. Please don’t provide a link to a site with ladies in lingerie without some kind of warning, ‘kay?

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