2008February18, Monday

Huckabee, the Cheesy, Over-sensitive Evangelical

Posted in Politics at 23:07 by Trey Austin

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone, but here’s an article documenting Mike Huckabee’s attempt, as governor of Arkansas, to prevent the characterization of large-scale natural disasters as “acts of God,” because he takes exception to those kind of destructive acts being attributed to God. So, one wonders, to whom do we attribute those large-scale natural disasters? I suppose God doesn’t do things that hurt people. And Huckabee is an expert in this field because he’s an ordained Minister of Word and Sac….er…well, let’s just call him a “preacher.”

It just goes to show you what i’ve been saying all along about Mike Huckabee: he would make a terrible pastor, and he would make an even worse president.


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