2008February11, Monday

Thinking, On My Birthday

Posted in My Life, Random Thoughts at 13:30 by Trey Austin

Yesterday, i welcomed a new child—not a natural child from my own flesh, but a spiritual child over which i have spiritual care, born to a couple in my congregation. Today, i celebrate my own birthday. Yet, in contemplating the beginning of a new life, so welcomed and loved by everyone in our congregation, and in embarking on the thirtieth year of my own life, i can’t help but think of those children whose parents didn’t love them and cherish their entrance into the world the way my parents did.

This is a very sad report of such circumstances in our world today. There was a time when Christians were at the forefront of rescuing such unwanted children born in their communities. In Roman society, such unwanted children were “exposed” (i.e., to the elements) by being left out in the gutters of the streets or dumped in the garbage heaps of the cities. This invariably would lead to the child’s death by exposure to the elements or by dehidration/starvation. Christians would go around, collect these children, and adopt them into their homes and churches, teaching them to trust in Christ and live different lives in response to God’s grace offered in the Lord Jesus. It is interesting that this kindness shown to small children was turned into false accusation of cannibalism by non-Christians. Many of the very people who would so heartlessly throw unwanted children out into the streets or landfills would then turn around and audaciously accuse Christians, who sought to rescue those children, of eating the children, because the Pagans conflated what few things that they knew about Christian worship and practice (i.e., the story of the Nativity of Christ [this child, whom Christians regard as their Savior, born into a feeding trough], the celebration of the Eucharist of Christ [Christ having given his body to eat and his blood to drink], and Christians taking these abandoned children into their homes).

I read an article recently about strange names that some saints in the early Church had received. Some of the stranger ones were rather vulgar names that apparently were monuments to their having been plucked up from sure death after being cast out as unwanted children. I remember one in particular was a diminutive version a very expressive word in Greek, politely translated into English as “Little Piece of Garbage,” but more expressively and bluntly translated “Little Shit.” No doubt, his testimony was that, as an infant, he was cast out with the trash but rescued by Christians and adopted into their homes. For whatever reason, they either gave themselves these disparaging names or received them from their adoptive parents, most probably with a view to being a perpetual reminder of where they came from, always knowing that whatever would come of their lives would be always owing to God’s grace and power so evidently at work.

Unfortunately, in the modern day, the horrendous act of abortion is hidden from the sensitive eyes of the public, keeping them from seeing exactly what they are perpetuating in their advocacy for a mother’s “choice” to murder her unborn child. And even worse, it prevents Christians from being able to do what they were so quick and anxious to do in earlier times: to help save these unwanted children who are born to unloving and uncaring parents—many of which, today, are born alive and viable in botched abortion attempts. It is astounding that “civilized” and “enlightened” societies such as ours doesn’t do more to ensure that where life is it would be preserved at all costs.

Even as i thank the Lord for my life, and the lives of all my children (both natural and spiritual), and so recognize the love and grace that we all have received from God through the agency of our families and the Church, i pray that God would remove the monstrosity of infanticide (both within the womb and without) from our world forever.

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  1. tempe said,

    Trey, we receive a monthly paper from a KY Right-to-Life agency. In the issue that arrived today, Anna pointed out to me that for all the hoopla that is usually launched against these groups by abortionists because the dare to do ultrasounds on expectant moms in order to show them that the child they carry is actually a living human being — well, it seems, the abortion clinics have all along had access to the same equipment, same tests, same results…only they’ve bother to actually suppress that information from the moms. Absolutely demonic.

    I shall be blogging about this.

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