2008January19, Saturday

Forgotten Holidays

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:00 by Trey Austin

Most people know that Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. However, not many people know that today (January 19) is Robert E. Lee’s birthday, and that Monday (January 21) is Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson’s birthday.

King deserves the honor he has been bestowed, especially for his non-violent means to accomplish his goals. However, men like Lee and Jackson also deserve great honor (though not much is given to them) for their fighting to defend their homeland against oppressive and imperialistic forces in the Federal government.

May God increase their kind in our nation once again, and may they rest in peace and rise in glory.



  1. al said,

    At Trinitas, the school my children attend and where my wife teaches, calls this the Martin Luther King Jr./Robert E. Lee holiday. It is on the calendar and everything.

    al sends

  2. al said,

    “they call this…” vice “calls this…” sheesh

    al sends

  3. Trey Austin said,

    In the commonwealth of Virginia, Lee’s birthday began to be celebrated as a holiday shortly after the War of Northern Aggression. A coule of decades later, Jackson was added to this to make “Lee-Jackson Day.” Early in the move to make King’s birthday a holiday, he was added to it, making it “Lee-Jackson-King” day, but when the “powers that be” demaded a separate holiday for King, they established the third Monday in January, like everywhere else in the US, as Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, and the previous Friday is Lee-Jackson Day, and all commonwealth offices are closed. It is a bona fide holiday here in Virginia, but i wanted to mention it, because not all that many people treasure the sacrifice men like Jackson and Lee made in their fighting for Southern independence.

  4. tempe said,

    King may deserve to be honored for his non-violence stance, but not for his theology! 😉

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