2008January19, Saturday

Federal What?

Posted in My Life, The Church at 10:37 by Trey Austin

I got a call Wednesday evening from Ligonier Ministries. I had previously been a supporter of Ligonier (it is one of those ministries that has enough of an ecclesiastical connection that i don’t have the qualms with it i do about parachurch ministries, which i refuse to support in any fashion), having once received Tabletalk Magazine and, at one point, the monthly sermon. So, they were calling to ask me if i would consider supporting again.

They had called last spring, too. I told the guy last year that i was unsure if i could continue my support of Ligonier because of that fall 2006 article they published in Tabletalk by Clark, which so clearly distorted and skewed the issues concerning the Federal Vision. (Please Note: i am not a Federal Visionist, but i also don’t believe that the Federal Vision is some heretical sect to be shunned and excised from our ecclesiastical institutions.) Well, he told me last year that he would forward my concerns to RC (i know! my personal message to RC Sproul—are you impressed?) and they’d send me a special backage of samples of Tabletalk and tapes. Well, when it got here, it was a few old issues of Tabletalk, a tape about Christology, and a form letter from RC about how they’re trying to advance Reformed teaching through Ligonier. Big whoop. Suffice to say, it didn’t inspire me to pull my checkbook out and put Ligonier Ministries on the dotted line.

Well, Wednesday’s call was the follow-up for that call months ago. He said that his notes showed my concern about Ligonier’s stance on the Federal Vision. I could hardly believe my ears when this caller (a man who sounded at least my age if not older) responded with this question: “You mean our view of government? Separation of Church and State, or something like that?” Um, no.

Of course i told him that since they had last called, RC royally stuck his foot in his mouth by saying what he said on the floor of 2007 GA. As a result, i told him, i won’t be able to support Ligonier anymore, unless something drastically changes. I don’t have enough money (nor do i have a low enough view of the Church) to give my money to a ministry that is perpetuating the division rather than trying to heal it. I’ll save my money for ministries (of the Church) that do seek for Christian unity and not further schism.



  1. tempe said,

    I generally like Ligonier, and I talked our church into getting Table Talk as the main devotional (they were getting the Upper Room, which is just dreadful, imho). Well, LM promised me when I order back in late Nov. they would arrive in time for January. They came today (Jan. 22). Also, they shorted me one. Grrr.

  2. Aaron Root said,

    I’ve been a TT subscriber for a couple of years now, and like Tempe generally enjoy and benefit from the writing. LM’s mailroom needs a tune-up, however. I’ve received some monthly issues 45 days before I need them, and others a day or two after the date they’re supposed to cover. Suspect it has something to do with economies of scale on printing runs.

  3. Mark Linville said,

    I have not read TT since the R. Scott Clark article to which Trey refers. Trey, you have perfectly captured my views about LM. What is it about the FV which so offends its opponents? I think if the critics would spend time at a “FV” church, they would be very impressed by the condition of the flock.

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