2008January10, Thursday

One Word: Worried

Posted in Politics at 2:02 by Trey Austin

You don’t beat a dead dog. You don’t take aim at people who aren’t a threat. And you don’t make political attacks against people who are on the fringe and offer no threat to the status quo.

The trouble with people who talk straight about just about everything is that they are easy targets for people who like to use pull-quotes. The sad thing is that these attacks are coming not from the political right (i.e., Neo-Conservatives) but from the left (i.e., Neo-Liberals). The truth is that the left knows they can’t beat Ron Paul on the issues, so they must attack his character—and they must, at all costs, beat Ron Paul, because he stands for a complete and absolute end to their demagoguery, race-baiting, and victim-mongering. In other words, when people start to think for themselves, take care of themselves, and fight for themselves with the liberty God gave us, they’ll be out of a job. That’s the last thing they are going to let happen, and they’re willing to maitain their exalted place by any means necessary.


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  1. tempe said,

    well, at least I would agree with one of the quotes:

    “[Hillary Clinton] is one of the most dangerous women in public life. Not only is she a fanatical abortion advocate, she wants parents to register with the government as a condition for having children to be able to sue and `divorce’ themselves from their parents. Maybe her daughter ought to sue her parents for attempting to raise her as a leftist. That sure qualifies as abuse to me.”

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