2007December28, Friday

Revised Liturgy: Collect for the Innocents’ Day

Posted in Uncategorized at 14:30 by Trey Austin

The note explaining the celebration of the Innocents’ Day is as follows:

[This Festival, in memory of the slaughtered infants, is celebrated on the third day after Christmas. Martyrdom was regarded by the ancient Church as a heavenly birth. Hence, the day of St. Stephen, martyr both in will and in fact, of St. John, martyr in will, though not in fact, and of the Holy Innocents, martyrs in fact, though not in will, follow immediately after Christmas.]

O God, who out of the mouths of babes and sucklings hast ordained strength, and whose praise the slaughtered infants of Bethlehem proclaimed, not by speaking, but by dying; mortify and kill us, we beseech Thee, all evil propensities and wrong desires, and so strengthen us by Thy grace, that the same holy faith, which we own with our tongues, we may confess also by the innocency of our lives: to the glory of Thy great name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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