2007December19, Wednesday

A Ridiculous Argument

Posted in Theology at 10:56 by Trey Austin

Doug Wilson’s most recent “Auburn Avenue Stuff” post is devoted to an issue brought up by David Gadbois concerning the time of administration of the sacrament and its efficacy.

Let me say this: i think that David Gadbois is arguing for an ineffectual sacrament in his argument. I believe that in trying to make what happens in adult baptism normative, he’s essentially saying that baptism is not an instrument to confer the grace it signifies at all, but only a confirmatory sign (i.e., after the reality is in place). The sacraments certainly are confirmatory signs, but they are much more than that. And, of course, Doug Wilson is trying to maintain this “much more” aspect to sacramental efficacy. The problem is the means that Wilson’s argument takes. He argues for something illogical in order to keep the sacramental efficacy.

Go on over and take a look; my comments there are pretty clear (i think).


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  1. Sir I have found what you say here to be quite edifying. If you would like feel free to check out my blog as I think we may have a common belief.

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