2007December17, Monday

Uncle Sugar’s Sanction Does Not a Marriage Make

Posted in Current Events at 21:23 by Trey Austin

The problem i have with this whole scenario is not simply the fact that some crazy liberal UCCs (“Unitarians Considering Christ”) want homosexual marriage, nor simply that the same liberal UCC church wants to perform “blessing” ceremonies for homosexual and heterosexual couples in lieu of marriage ceremonies (so long as actual gay marriage is not legally in place). The problem that i have is the assumption (on both the part of Liberal and Conservative alike, it seems) that there is no such thing as “marriage” unless the government gives its sanction.

What is marriage but a Covenant enacted by God (through his lawfully ordained agent) between two people? If two people came to me and said that they want to be married, but that they were not going to have their marriage licensed by the government, i would not say to them, “Well, then, that’s not a marriage, Folks! Get that sheepskin, or you can count me out!” No, i would look at them say, “That’s fine. You need to understand that your marriage is no less valid, and it comes with no less responsibilities before God on your parts, but if you fully acknowledge that, what date do you have in mind? Let’s start the counselling next week.”

It just goes to show us all that Uncle Sugar has not only conditioned a small portion of the population to be dependent upon it for what they have and do; he has, it would seem, also conditioned all Christians to be dependent upon him (!) for something as sacred and heavenly as the Covenant of marriage. Now that is sad.


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  1. tempe said,

    Trey, I have an interesting story in regard of your comments. A few years ago (2003, before I was a pastor), I was a groomsman in a wedding in Macon, Georgia. The groom-to-be asked me, the day before the wedding, “How long does it take to get a marriage license in the state of Georgia?” I think he turned white as a sheet when I told him “About a week” (Georgia requires blood tests and you have to wait until they return before getting the license). His wife was very much from “old money” (I think he had to sign a pre-nup to marry her!), the family had dropped a huge chunk of change on the wedding — including hiring a wedding planner who didn’t bother to follow up on this little tidbit.

    Of course, the thing that bothers me most is that on that day (the day before the wedding), the happy couple was going down to meet with the minister who would be conducting the service. This was to be their “counseling.” It was the first time they had met with him (part of the lack-of-license problem). How in the world could a minister of the gospel possibly, in good conscience, marry a couple having only met them for such a brief period of time? And what would have happened if he had suddenly found them “uncompatible”? I scarcely doubt he would have called off the wedding (which did not happen, despite the lack of license — he pronounced them man and wife, but never said any of the “by the power of the state” stuff; after their honeymoon, they had to come back and “officially” get married in a simple ceremony with just the couple, the minister, and a witness).

    The minister, btw, was Methodist. Don’t know if that makes a difference!!!

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