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Resources for Dealing with Homosexuals

Posted in Current Events, Recommendations at 13:22 by Trey Austin

I have never had occasion to do so, but given the rise in prominence of it, i anticipate dealing with it at least once during my ministerial career. Homosexuality is one of those things that is difficult to deal with anyway, given the enigmatic nature of it, but add to that the political milieu of the discussion and the sensitivity of the subject matter in general, and it makes it all the more difficult to deal with.

Usually, there are two different ways of approaching homosexuality: either it is a bare choice that people have made, and the person is condemned for making the poor and sinful choice, or it is a natural or in-born condition that a person has no choice in. I have always had a problem with both options, to be very honest. I am Augustinian and Traducian enough to believe that, if we are all born with a nature inclined toward sin, that there certainly is some form of transmission of particular sin tendencies from parent to child, and so in-born tendencies are always factors when it comes to sin—and yet, these are not excuses that make the tendency and behavior flowing from it, therefore, not sinful. But on the other hand, i am enough of a common sense person to know that there are environmental factors that make people more susceptible to certain ways of thinking and behaviors. Both are contributing factors, and, hence, there is no such thing as bare choice—as anyone who has some kind of compulsive or addictive problem understands.

So, having those things as firm beliefs in myself, i truly appreciated this short article helping us to understand some of the contributing factors that lead to homosexuality. In fact, the whole site on which it is found (NARTH: National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) is an excellent place that provides excellent resources if we were to come upon a homosexual person struggling with his or her sinful behavior, wanting help that is both biblical and truly scientific.

Now, i can tell the responses i am likely to get from some people, and i don’t usually go for an integrationist methodology for counseling folks, but there are real psychological problems that sin and sinful environments cause, and they need to be dealt with both biblically and scientifically (since, properly done, science and the Bible are not at all enemies, and since all things that God reveals in creation are still God’s revelation and truth). I do believe, though, that this, and not the Nouthetic model, is what will be the long-term help for homosexuals. That’s part of the difficulty i have with the Nouthetic model in general: that there is a command what to do, but no guidance in practically how to do it. That’s a recipe for more frustration and sin, not less. Helping people understand the various sources (environmental, biological, and spiritual) is the way to help them move forward with sins of a homosexual nature.

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  1. Steve H said,

    Having dealt with this issue many times I can say that only the nouthetic model of counseling has been the only method I have seen work to deliver one from the binding of this sin. All others approaches I have seen have not delievered them from their sin. Since you are yet not aquainted with dealing with this sin then you must study a biblical approach and answer to how to deal with it as a pastor in order to0 help bring full and complete deliverence.

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