2007December11, Tuesday

The Religious Side of Hillary

Posted in Politics, The Church at 13:55 by Trey Austin

According to a prominent political and religious biographer, who recently completed a new book, God and Hillary Clinton, the New York Senator is “in lock step with the UMC.”

I went to seminary with a good many Methodists—many of them went there because the seminary was conservative, while others did so for convenience and just looked over the conservative elements (or derided them). In fact, since i have left, the General Conference of the UMC has withdrawn its approval of Erskine Seminary for its students to train there. It really doesn’t surprise me that Hillary is in perfect alignment with UMs, what surprises me is that Methodists don’t see it as a wake-up call that someone so vile and deceitful could be the poster-child for their denomination. It’s one thing to have a liberal faction in a denomination laregly marked by faithfulness. It’s another thing altogether to have a denomination wholly committed to liberal religion and politics, such that conservatives are beat down and disciplined for wanting to be true to Scripture and traditional limited government.

What a sad state of affairs.


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