2007November19, Monday

Some Daddy Pictures

Posted in My Life at 14:51 by Trey Austin

The Princess and the Pea (and Mama)I’ve been intending on posting some of these for a while now, and today seems like as good a time as any.

Here to the left, we have our two little babies all dressed up to celebrate the Eve of All Saints. LilliAna was a princess (courtesy of her daddy sewing a costume for her). It took about twelve hours all total for me to sew that thing. That was probably a good bit longer than an experienced taylor may have taken, but i finally got it done. LilliAna just loved it to death.

I didn’t make the pea costume that Will wore; that one my mother-in-law had bought for LilliAna when she was an infant. It was neat, though, how it all worked out to have a couple of themed costumes for our little kiddies.

LilliAna Hamming It UpAnd, of course, here to the right is LilliAna being a ham in her favoritest Halloween costume.

It’s the funniest thing about her, because you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to get her to strike a pose. She just does it all on her own.

She was really looking forward to going Trick or Treat-ing. We only went to a few places (people in our church and some nearby neighbors), but she still got more candy than she needed!

Our WillThis to the left again is the new little man who lives at our house. This was a bit over a week ago, so he’s a bit bigger now, but he still looks the same.

This is also the picture that went out on the birth announcements. If you didn’t get one, don’t feel bad. We’re just poor and couldn’t afford that many. Plus, you have seen more pictures of this one than most of the people who did get them.

On the up side, he seems to like me more than he has been. He doesn’t cry incessantly when i hold him now (now he just cries 75% of the time i hold him).

LilliAna in the Make-upAnd this one to the right is of our LilliAna who is almost completely obsessed with make-up. She always wants to get into it and put it on herself.

In this case, she snuck into Angela’s make-up and put on eye shadow (on her cheeks and lips), and mascara (she actually did a good job of getting it on her eyelashes, with some on her nose and cheeks as well).

This was actually the first time she did it, and she’s done it several times since then, for which she’s been thoroughly spanked.



  1. tempe said,

    Poor Will. He looks like his dad. 😉

  2. Mike Johnson (Michael's dad) said,

    Is this the Trey Austin, I knew from Shreveport…We have been trying to track you down to see how you are doing.

    Email us and let us know
    Mike & Sandy Johnson & Michael

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