2007November19, Monday

Abstinence Education Works

Posted in Current Events, Politics at 14:07 by Trey Austin

Of course, while i don’t agree with using tax-payer funding to teach some supposedly “neutral” morality to children of the state, and while it is constitutionally illegal for the Federal government to engange in something it does not have specific constitutional warrant to do (which hasn’t stopped it from exponentially piling up such illegal activities over the last century), it is still within the perview of the several States to choose to make use of such funding for those programs.

Well, my current residence is in the Commonwealth of Viriginia, and there is new evidence that the abstinence education that has been at work here for the last several years is paying off in preventing pre-marital pregnancies and increasing the number of young men and women who wait until they are married in order to engage in God’s gift of sex. And this right on the heels of our illustrious governor cutting funding for abstinence education.

Talk about an idiot politician. For purely political and idealogical reasons, he cuts funding for the thing that is proven to work, and he pledges to fund what is prove not to work.

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