2007November8, Thursday


Posted in Random Thoughts at 21:09 by Trey Austin

BeowulfThe movie, no doubt, takes great liberties with the actual epic poem recounting the life of Beowulf (and i doubt that i has nearly the amount of explicitly Christian rhetoric and content that the original has), however, i’m sure that it’s going to be a very good movie.

I am intrigued by the CG animation that amplifies and fills in detail for the live action actors, who themselves were digitized. They have some great actors, and it will be neat to see them all CG’d up for this movie.

If you haven’t seen it already, you should check out the Beowulf movie website. It has some very interesting video and wallpaper downloads (like the one at left). There are several versions of trailers and TV ads for the movie you can watch in flash player streaming right on the website. They show Grendel as a garish, deformed person, and Grendel’s mother (played by Angelina Joleigh) as something quite different.

Even from the trailers, though, one theme that seems to come across is the temptation that is presented to Beowulf to  be the greatest king in the entire world. Grendel’s mother tempts him and tells him that she can make him that great king. Of course, this is when he came to Grendel’s lair to slay Grendel’s Mother. I can’t help but see the parallel to what we see in Matthew 3, when Christ, who came into Satan’s kingdom to slay him, was tempted by him to be given all kingdoms of the earth if Jesus would just bow down and worship him.

Of course, all movies are like that. You can see all kinds of biblical themes and parallels in them (almost no matter what movie you watch), precisely because of the truth of the Gospel and God’s truths revealed both in nature and in the Scriptures. Men inherently know the truth of these things—they even know things that they don’t know they know—and when they make movies, they come through, sometimes distorted, but always with the truth somewhere in there to which their consciences testify.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing the movie whenever it comes to town. Who wants to go with?


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