2007October25, Thursday

Who Saw the Fox News Debate?

Posted in Politics at 23:07 by Trey Austin

If you saw the Fox News Republican Debate Sunday night, you saw just how crazy Sean Hannity can be. When Giulliani didn’t come in first in their text message poll following the debate, and especially since Ron Paul (AGAIN!) came in first, Hannity reasserted crazy conspiracy theories about how Ron Paul supporters are spammers or hackers or whatever would give them the ability to inflate the polling results. (Of course, he didn’t say that Huckabee’s supporters were spammers, even though he came in second place in the polling, with all of the “first-tier” candidates coming in a good bit behind those two.) Worse than the text message polling results was the “voter panel” that What’s-his-head (with the weird mannerisms) interviewed, who all (with only a couple of exceptions) touted Giulliani as the winner of the debate. What annoyed me most was that the “fair and balanced” interviewer kept making statments like, “Clearly, Giulliani came out the big winner tonight.” “Clearly”? To whom? I normally like Fox News in alot of things, but “clearly,” their political bias is toward Giulliani, who always gets first crack at the post-debate audience, and whom Hannity always drools over.

Well, for those of you who were frustrated with Hannity’s attitude toward Dr. Paul (the way my wife and i were), here’s a little parody of the debate you might enjoy.



  1. Amber said,

    didn’t see the debate, I tried, but there wasn’t any live streaming 😦 That video is priceless! I turned on the news last night to see the weather and caught a teaser coming up about grassroots Ron Paulers here in Charlotte. We ended up leaving it on during dinner so we didn’t miss it- and it’s a good thing, because they gave RP got as much exposure here in Charlotte as he ever has gotten. Good exposure. They accurately defnined his platform, and pretty much made him look like an appealing candidate. As much as the 6 o’clock news can, I think.

    feel free to post some pictures… often.

  2. Amber said,

    just found the link to the news story: http://www.wcnc.com/news/topstories/stories/wcnc-102507-krg-ronpaul.1a70cfd83.html

    and I agree with the reporter- the signs are illegal. maybe supporters will stick with (safely) waving signs around town by hand, or donating.

  3. tempe said,

    What drives me crazy about all the support is when you have guys like Mike Gallagher get on the radio and tell how they like guys like Duncan Hunter and Mike Huckabee, but how they don’t want to support them (preferring someone like Guiliani) because H & H have “no shot at winning.” Well, of course not, if guys like you have already pronounced them dead and buried! Dobson is just as bad, encouraging evangelicals to take their ball and go home because Guiliani is going to win (so it seems to him).

    I liken it to the Colorado Rockies (since Dobson is from CO, this should appeal to him). The Rockies squeak into the playoffs, but “obviously” they had “no shot” at making it to the World Series. So just forget your loyalties and root for the “sure winner.” Simply foolish thinking.

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