2007October23, Tuesday

Our Little LilliAna

Posted in Anecdotes at 22:46 by Trey Austin

Our daughter, LilliAna is now two (as of 10:30 PM, October 23), and she is as precocious as ever. She’s got a way about her that is hilarious, cute, and disobedient all in one.

At church on Sunday night, Angela was breastfeeding while i was teaching, and she was wanting to be her usual rambunctious self. Well, Angela told her that she needed to sit down and be quiet, or Daddy would spank her. Of course, LilliAna is a very intelligent child for two, and she looked at her Mama, shaking her head, and said, “No, Daddy reading Jesus.”

It was funny tonight, too. She was sitting in her high chair eating her evening snack before she gets ready for bed, and i started a little game we play with each other. I hand her something to eat, and say “Eat it!” and she gives it right back to me and says, “YOU eat it!” and we go back and forth doing that to each other. Well, after we did that a few times with her cheese and crackers, she picked up her Cinderella juice bottle she was drinking from (she has several juice bottles that originally came with apple juice in them with little plastic figures of the Disney princesses around the straw of each one), and as she poked the cracker in Cinderella’s little face, she said, “YOU eat it!” Of course, Cinderella didn’t respond—she’s plastic! So, LilliAna looked at Cinderella again, this time with a scowl, and said sternly, “You HEAR me???”


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  1. Branton said,

    Trey! Guess who? Your long lost buddy, Brantonius Maximus. Found you by doing a search for “Trey Austin” on the web. I’m at work (at the bank) and have been thinking about you a lot lately. Just wondering how you were doin’. Miss you. My life has been very, very busy. Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long. I’m sure you know how it is. Life is busier now than in the good ole NGC days. You can e-mail me at branton_burleson@ucbi.com

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