2007October6, Saturday

Back…and Forth: Redivivus

Posted in My Life at 11:55 by Trey Austin

Well, yesterday, having no labor in sight, i decided to go back to Coeburn. I left yesterday at around 14:30 to head back, and i got home at about 18:00. I went to get ready for Sunday, to make sure i had my sermon complete, the bulletin in order, and the communion service in place.

Well, i had called a few people in the church to let them know i was back, and i wanted to find out if there was anything we needed in terms of food for the fellowship meal we’re planning for Sunday. I continued work on the stuff i needed to get done for Sunday’s service.

Well, at around 23:00, my mother called and told me that Angela’s water had broken. Well, that just threw a wrench into everything about my plans. So, i just put everything back into the car that i had just taken out, and i drove all the way back down to SC.

Bad news is that, even though it has been 14 hours now, Angela’s contractions still haven’t started in any kind of strength. So, i had to go to the herbal store and get some blue cohosh and black cohosh, which is supposed to help encourage the contractions. She mixes 2 ml of each into a little water and swallows it down (i don’t mind saying that i am glad she’s the one that has to drink it and not i!). So, she’s been doing that for almost two hours now. If this doesn’t work, she’s probably going to have to go over to the mid-wife’s office and let the doctor give her something stronger (prescription) that will induce labor.

Pray that Angela’s labor progresses properly and that both mama and baby will be healthy.


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  1. Amber said,

    I read this last night and we’ve been praying for y’all… any updates?

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