2007October4, Thursday

Ever Have a Helicopter Land in Your Yard?

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Well, i had fleetingly thought about going back to Coeburn tonight before supper. Of course, Angela didn’t want me to go, and so i stayed for her sake. And, because of what we had happen, i’m rather glad i did.

Med-Flight HelicopterSo, we were watching the new episode of CSI, where Gill and Sarah get in trouble for having their office romance, and just as we got to the climax of the whole episode, before we could find out what happened to the kid who lost his head and what would happen with Gill and Sarah, just then, we got a frantic and very unexpected knock at the front door. I followed my mother to the door (because you never know what kind of person you could find in such a situation), and there we saw a state trooper holding a flash light. He told us that they were planning on landing a med-evac helicopter in the yard here (my parents have about an acre and a half in their front yard) to med-flight a person from the street just over from us. As soon as we told him that was fine, we saw a helicopter descending into the yard and land on the area they had marked out with battery-powered flashing lights.

They put down the helicopter on the yard in the light drizzling rain, and in about eight minutes, they had the person loaded into the vehicle and it took off again. They never told us the person’s identity or the person’s problem, but it was neat to have that kind of opportunity to see the emerengy medical technicians doing their job. Not to mention having a helicopter to land in the yard! I took a picture (just to have proof for some of you skeptics), and i’ll see if i can get it posted sometime soon.

Update (October 9):
I got the picture uploaded, and you can see what i’m talking about, and that i’m telling the truth (as strange as the whole thing sounds). The bad news is that the lady who was med-flighted out last Thursday died yesterday. She had a brain aneurism burst. The very strange thing about the situation was that her mother who lived down the street my parents live on (back when this was my grandparents’ house) died of a brain aneurism 11 years ago, and even more strange, she also died on October 8.

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  1. Al said,

    Whew! When I saw the title in google reader I was worried that they had to call a helo for Angela. I am glad she did not need one. Though at this stage of the pregnancy I am sure she would take a helicopter ride in order to get a baby delivered.

    May God bless you and Angela as you get closer and closer to the baby day!

    Take care,

    al sends

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