2007September30, Sunday

Back…And Forth

Posted in My Life at 22:56 by Trey Austin

I came back from Louisville Thursday. After a very long detour (60 miles one way) getting out of Lexington, KY, (note to anyone who may read this who might not otherwise know: the roads in the commonwealth of Kentucky were apparently laid out by drunk monkeys), i finally made it home. I had a great time in Lousiville. The occasion for my visit was not exactly social (though, it turned out to be that), but it was on the occasion of the installation of my very good friend the Reverend Timothy J. Phillips at the Midlane Park Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (Tim’s blog is on my blogroll as “Gairney Bridge,” named for the site where the Secession Church [i.e., the “Associate Presbyterians”] was organized after the free-offer Presbyterians were expelled from the Church of Scotland back in early 1700s).

Though i am technically not ARP anymore, he invited me to come and preach at his installation service. (Note, i was ordained in the ARP Church, and i still consider myself ARP, and i look at my membership in the PCA as a kind of exile. I am confident that Jehovah will hear my cry, as he did our forefathers in bondage in Egypt, and bring me out, as he did them, with a mighty hand and an out-stretched arm. 🙂 It was a great time of worship and fellowship. I hope you’ll join me in praying for the success and effectiveness of his ministry there.

As strange as it sounds, Midlane Park is part of the Mississippi Valley Presbytery of the ARP Synod. It is the presbytery that includes western Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, and all points West (except Texas and Louisiana), and stopping at California and Oregon. So, other fellows in the service who were part of the commission of MVP (ARP) who installed him were from outside of Memphis and from northern Mississippi. One guy, Dan Hazen, is a pastor at a small country church in New Albany, MS, and i was glad to be able to see him again. Tim, i, and the three other men who came from far away to install him all shared a great time of discussion and fellowship over a nice bottle of Berringer White Zinfandel (btw, if you like sweet/semi-sweet wines like i do, that’s a good one, espeially for the price). Dan, especially, is always interesting to talk to, because he’s so thoughtful—and his thoughts usually take him “out of the box,” as it were.

But, as good as it was to be home for three days, i’m going again tomorrow. I had planned on staying here while Angela went down to Greenville, SC, to stay until she has the baby at the birthing center there with her midwife. However, because of some things that have happened to her over the past couple of days, we may have some indication that the baby may come sooner than later, and so i want to make sure and drive down with her and make sure she’s fine on her way, and i also wanted to be there in case the baby comes this week. So, i’ve come back and now i’m going forth. I’ve just been really busy these days. Pray that the Lord sustains us as he sends such things down our path.


  1. Amber said,

    You’re officially on our family’s prayer list. (you were unofficially before, when we remembered to pray for the CPC, and Angela’s back 🙂 Do post pictures when #2 arrives! And we’re very impressed with your birth plan- I’ve become very close to a midwife here at our church… guess I’m sort of a radical now. Tell Angela this is what girl power’s all about, lol! God bless you!

  2. Anna Phillips said,

    You know you’re always in our prayers, but we especially pray for traveling mercies and a safe delivery. I’ll tell Tim as soon as he calls from Presbytery this evening.

    Thank you so much for making his installation so wonderful. The ladies at church just thought y’all were the best things since sliced bread!

  3. tempe said,

    Yes, Trey, the ladies did brag on you. And, just for the record, those drunk monkeys also were contracted to “pave” the roads in KY, which they apparently did with coconuts and dried banana peels.

    Now, a few corrections. First, you misspelled my first name. Second, Dan’s church, Hopewell, is in New Albany, not Blue Mountain (that was my old church). And third, and most important, it was a nice bottle of Berringer that I offered up. Wal-Mart was selling it for $5 a bottle a couple of months ago. But, hey, you guys are worth it.

    When I get back to KY, I hope to post a few picks from the installation service (more photos of the “Reformed and Famous”).

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