2007September17, Monday

The Republican Debate We Haven’t Heard About

Posted in News, Politics at 14:58 by Trey Austin

Tonight, on Dish Network and Sky Angel channel 262, and streaming from Values Voter Debate, the next Republican debate will be broadcast. It promises to be an interesting debate, especially for those of us who are interested in issues in addition to what we hear about on CNN and Fox News.

The most disappointing thing about it, though, is that the so-called “top tier” candidates are not appearing. Giuliani, McCain, Romney, and Thompson are all sufficiently convinced that the event will do nothing to help them, so they will not be attending. It really doesn’t surprise me, but in such a venue, one can hardly wonder why men who speak only in platitudes would be intimidated by the prospect. It just shows me that none of them are up to the task of being President of the United States. It’s certainly no job for a coward.



  1. Amber said,

    So glad you let us know this was going on- I happend to be blog-hopping around 9 last night, so I was able to watch live on the internet after I saw your link. I love how they had empty podiums for the non-attendees, and some panelists even asked pointed questions to the empty podiums.

    I was a little disappointed that Ron Paul didn’t qualify a few of his glaring “NO” answers during the lightning round. All the others voted “yes” on several compassionate conservative issues, with Ron Paul of course chiming in with his “no” because it wasn’t gov’t responsibility, or becuase it was a local issue. But he didn’t TELL anyone that. Those unfamiliar with Libertarian policy were probably shocked out of their seats. Otherwise, he was in fine form. I was suprised to see Alan Keyes there. I did some searching and found out he had joined the race on Friday. whaddya know.

  2. Trey Austin said,

    I remember Alan Keyes coming to my college (North Greenville); he’s a good candidate in many ways. The whole questioning of empty podiums was classic. What i don’t get, though, is who exactly they polled in order to determine that Mike Huckabee won the debate. Did he win because he was a pastor? Because he has a soft and tender voice? I just don’t know. The WND poll has Paul the winner. It believe it was a bit precipitous that the lady hosting the event would have thrown her vote behind Huckabee so quickly. That was a bit out of line as far as i was concerned.

  3. Bruce said,

    I caught most of the debate. But when you get to be my age you fall asleep a lot faster. So I did not know the results showing the winner. I really liked Alan Keys. He may have seemed over bearing to some because he reflected upon how this nation has turned from God. But he was “right on the problem” when he declared that this nation needs to recognize that God is sovereign. Far too long we have turned our backs upon God and now we may be paying the price for our turning away more and more each passing day.

    I like Huckabee as a candidate and support him currently to be the nominee. However, reality tells me that one of those represented by the four empty podiums will most likely be the candidate of the Republican Party for president. I think Thompson has blown it by taking “his sweet lovin’ time” announcing he is running. Seems like a person who can’t really make up his mind. Rudy may be the only one who can beat Hillary. I do not like his moral issuses which puts me in a quandary.

  4. Trey Austin said,

    I’m not sure why the fact that one man may win the nomination or the election should put you in a quandry, unless you are so conditioned to think you can’t vote for someone if he doesn’t have “a chance” of winning. As Gresham Machen said, it is never a wasted vote if you vote your conscience, even if your guy has no chance of winning.

    Truth is, though, Rudy’s ability to beat Hillary is overrated. In fact, given the choice between a consistent Liberal and a half-hearted one, most people will vote for the consistent one. Giuliani against Clinton will be a Clinton victory every time and twice on Sunday (good thing we don’t vote on Sunday!). The only chance of averting a Clinton victory is to find a candidate that will appeal to Liberals and Conservatives alike, but who still stands for true conservative principles. That’s not going to work, though, if the Republican party nominates another Neo-Conservative (which is the very definition of a half-hearted Liberal). If that happens, no matter who it is, Clinton will be in the White House in January 09.

    Now that Alan Keyes is in the race, there are only two true conservatives in the Race: Alan Keyes and Ron Paul. But the more people have the “we-have-to-vote-for-someone-we-think-can-win” mentality, neither of those men will have enough support to win.

  5. Amber said,

    Do you think Ron Paul and Alan Keyes could ever be running mates? theoretically speaking, of course…my optimism only goes so far these days 🙂 Are there more similiarities than differences to bond them? One similiarity that could keep them apart is their charisma- both get pretty worked up over just about everything….

  6. David Gray said,

    Glad to see you’re back! I missed what you were sharing with us. My wife is due the first week in November so we’ll remember to pray for you folks.

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