2007August9, Thursday

Transforming Culture: Our Calling, or None of Our Business?

Posted in Theology at 15:03 by Trey Austin

Over at Christianity Today, one of their editors, Mark Galli, has written an article poo-pooing the idea that Christians are called to work toward cultural transformation as part of our calling. He goes to great lengths to show that that’s not the mission of Christians as servants of God in his Kingdom.

Is this really the assessment you’d give to our calling? What sort of calling do we have? And if it includes cultural transformation, what sort of means are we called to use to reach that goal?

On the up side, in the poll that the set up going along with the article, Mr. Galli’s premise has been soundly rejected, with some 54% (at current count) saying that, yes, it is our job to transform culture, but that it is God who transform the culture through us.

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  1. Tim Prussic said,

    I gotta wonder what in the world people are thinking when they deny the import of the cultural mandate. I can understand opposing social-gospel type stuff, but I cannot understand the ignorance of the connection between living a Christian life and the world that such living impacts. I mean, what’s the mystery?

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