2007August8, Wednesday

From the Horse’s Mouth

Posted in Anecdotes at 8:53 by Trey Austin

Our Wednesday evening prayer meeting at church is a pretty informal time. I often liken it to a family meeting where everyone shares the major things that happened to them during the day, things going on with them that are coming up, and people they’re concerned about and for whom they want to pray. Of course, there are things about our prayer meeting time i would change if i had my druthers, but that familial kind of feel to it i would never change.

Well, one Wednesday evening some weeks ago, one little boy named Adam—a quiet, 8-year-old, little carrot-topped boy—was up to his normal tricks. One of Adam’s favorite things is to tell pertinent little details about people he knows. One of the things he likes most to tell about other people is their age, and the people he likes most to tell about are his parents. In this respect, i think he takes a cue from his daddy, who always is sure to remember to let people know about people’s birthdays coming up or just past.

Well, this one Wednesday night was just before Adam’s mama’s birthday, and he wanted everyone to know it. But not only did he tell them that she was about to have a birthday, he also wanted them to know that his mother was just about to turn 38. His mother was used to this, and so her embarrassment wasn’t what it could have been, but we all laughed at him and his openness with other people’s personal information. But to try and teach him that he should be more thoughtful about what he tells other people, i said, “Adam, you don’t have to tell everything you know!”

Well, just then, another little girl named McKenzie, who is only two weeks younger than Adam, spoke up in response to what i had said. She said, “Well, i do!”

The funniest thing about it all was what McKenzie’s mother said after McKenzie spoke up, “You’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth!”


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  1. Amber said,

    Was that entirely for my benefit, or just mostly? 🙂

    It bears mentioning that McKenzie is also a carrot top, further strengthening the sterotype that none of us redheads know when to keep our mouths shut.

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