2007August7, Tuesday

Find Out Which Candidate Most Agrees with You

Posted in Politics at 17:49 by Trey Austin

Another political post. (Alot of them these days, huh?)  

Here’s a very interesting questionaire that rates all of the candidates (though, i don’t know who “Cox” is) and how they line up with your opinions about certain issues.

Of course, Ron Paul was my A#1 candidate (at 55). For dead last, i shouldn’t be surprised, Rudi Giuliani was negative 31. He was even behind Dennis Kucinich. That should say something.

HT: Borg Blog



  1. tempe said,

    Good grief. I scored Romney, Tancredo, Hunter, Huckabee. I have no major problems with the last two, but…

  2. Amber said,

    I also had Ron Paul at 55, Giuliani was -24. It’s sad that RG scored below the big three democrats. I never stopped to consider that he was even more liberal than them… I wonder if changing some answers from “key” to “important” and vice versa would change that?

  3. Anna Phillips said,

    I scored highly with Romney as well. Though I’m not surprised Tim and I scored similarly–we mostly agree on things politic. I did share the worksheet with most of my address book, though, with varying results (teachers are often pretty liberal).

  4. Trey Austin said,

    Anna, i’m not surprised by your liberal leanings. I hear that ARP Church is pretty liberal anyway. 😉

    No, seriously, it is easy for Republicans nowadays to be confused, becasue the Neo-Conservatives have blurred the lines between real, ture Conservatism and Liberalism. Both Neo-Cons and Liberals are strongly statist—i.e., they want the State to control as much as possible. The difference is only in how they want it to act. The true conservative wants government to be out of lives as much as possible. Of course, that’s the point of having a tenth amendment.

  5. tempe said,

    Trey, I believe I heard a while back that someone once asked Francis Schaeffer, while he was still living (of course!), what he thought the greatest threat would be to the Christian church in the coming years. His reply at the time was probably mildly shocking: statism. That doesn’t sound so shocking now.

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