2007August6, Monday

The Real Mit Romney

Posted in Politics at 10:38 by Trey Austin

Anyone who thinks Mit “The Mormon” Romney would make a good president should see this video. The first half of the video is an on-air interview, and the last half is him off-air, but still being recorded on an in-studio camera. There is a night-and-day difference between when he’s on-air and when he’s off. When he thinks he’s not being heard by the public, his attitude is obviously not the “lovey-dovey” image he likes to present in public appearances. When he’s on the air, he’s very gracious and “schmoozy,” but when he’s off the air, he’s quite sarcastic, more than a little combative, and a whole lot condescending. He doesn’t want them to be, but his views as a Mormon and his views on abortion are central to his candidacy as president. Take a look:



  1. tempe said,

    Good news for Romney! Apparently he is just as confused on church and state, eschatology, and church discipline as most evangelicals in this country.

  2. Camilo said,


    The video clip doesn’t really make your point that Romney is arrogant. Toward the end he’s trying to answer the host’s pointed remark that he was making a mistake to distance his position on abortion based from his membership in the LDS. Romney just sounded like someone who is tired of being interrupted by hoi polloi radio jocks in East Cupcake, IA, telling him to abandon the political gameplan for which he’s paid millions.

    But besides Tempe’s list of odious revelations above, there are other stikeroos. One: Romney posits a difference between “choice” and “life”. That’s a pro-abortion premise, and a false one (the departed’s choices are all taken away); Two: Romney says that his stance on abortion changed because of a political consideration. That’s usually the role played by formerly pro-life Democrats who “discover” that they’re pro-choice once they run for national office. How genuine is that?

    And how many of his pro-choice Mormon friends (to whom he referred) are going to win appointments to the court? Scary.

  3. Trey Austin said,


    Well, when i watch it, i guess i’m getting more from his body language and attitude. Sure, i could have dinged him on the abortion flip-flop, but who hasn’t done that? (Even in the Iowa debate on Sunday, he made that “holier-than-thou” comment, which was, in itself, an arrogant comment.)

    But primarily, his arrogance is seen in the attitude that no one has the right to question him on his religious views, and even if they do, he gets to dismiss the person and their question because he knows his religion better than that person does. Well, that can be said in some cases, but with an explicitly-stated position from an official statement of that organization? That’d be like someone questioning a conservative Presbyterian on the explicitly-stated content of the Westminster Confession of Faith, and the Presbyterian saying, “Listen, i don’t care what that says! I know what i believe, and i’m a leader in my Church! I think i know better what my Church believes than you do!” Talk about condescending and arrogant!

    No, i know how far afield Romney is from my political convictions (though, not apparently far afield from Tim and Anna’s convictions!). That’s no surprise to me. But even more important than that, i think people should see what kind of man he is. I can tell you all of the men who are practical liberals at various levels, but what’s more important to me is the character of the men. I hate Neo-Cons, but i’ll take a well-intentioned Neo-Con any day over a closet liberal; but i’ll even take a closet liberal who is kind and benevolent at heart over a hateful, arrogant, and sardonic closet liberal. I just want people to see what kind of fellow this guy really is.

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