2007August6, Monday

Ridiculous Neo-Con Logic

Posted in Politics at 15:35 by Trey Austin

This little piece of work is a prime example of what is wrong with both the Republican Party and Washington in general. Neo-Cons are really only even somewhat “conservative” when it comes to social issues. In the larger scheme of things, though, Neo-Cons are so close to being liberals there’s almost hardly any perceivable difference. The mere suggestion by a supposed “conservative” of a “hefty” tax on those who have children (!) should be proof enough of that. Show me the authority to levy that kind of tax in Article 1; no doubt, they would appeal to the specious argument that the “commerce clause” grants such authority.

If you think that what Doug Powers says in his article makes sense, my guess is that the lobotomy didn’t go as well as planned.

This, on the other hand, makes perfect sense. Ensuring that the rights of the father of a child are upheld, whether the child is born or not, is a much more positive move in the abortion debate. Granted, there are many good-for-nothing men out there who will be all too willing to kill a child sooner than “waste” a significant portion of their paycheck each month to keep it up. However, this will change the one-sided means by which abortions are procured today: a woman pregnant with a child can seek out and have an abortion without the knowledge and even against the will of the man who fathered the child.



  1. providencepastor said,

    Dude, That was a bit of reductio ad absurdum… surely… ummmm, right?

    al sends

  2. tempe said,

    Trey, I think Powers had tongue planted firmly in cheek (at least I hope so!).

  3. Trey Austin said,

    Al, my opinion of Neo-Cons is not very high. Are there differences between Neo-Cons and Liberals? Sure. The differences, though, are of degree only, not inherent differences in position. Is it a reductio? It might be if i were arguing for something. I’m simply presenting my opinion. Is it a reductio if it’s my opinion?

    Tim, if he did, that’s just fine. That’s not the impression that i got, though. My plain reading of what he wrote was that he thought this would be a really good idea to implement.

  4. providencepastor said,

    Trey, heh!… no, I was talking about Powers’ article… He was taking the liberal tax position to an absurd conclusion.

    al sends

  5. tempe said,

    Trey, he uses phrases like “logic must be thrown out the window”, “government math” where the numbers don’t add up to 100% (perhaps he really is a neo-con 😉 ), and he finishes with the observation that “the logic in this plan is at least as ironclad and feasible as that in most proposals presented by the Democrat presidential candidates.” At the very least, he doesn’t think his plan should be taken seriously. He is showing how absurd liberal thinking (i.e., tax, tax, tax, and to heck with the unborn, unless it helps us tax, tax, tax) is, and he is using satire to do so.

  6. Trey Austin said,

    Maybe he is trying to be humorous. It was lost on me. I guess because such a suggestion wouldn’t be a surprise to me these days.

    Maybe what threw me off was the fact that he was using his logic as an *ANSWER* to liberal logic, not ostensibly as a critique of it.

    My sense of humore really is well-honed. Not sure, though, where it all went off. Perhaps it was his timing? 😉

  7. David Gray said,

    Don’t much care for neocons myself but I thought that was fairly clearly satire.

  8. providencepastor said,

    Trey, We all make mistakes. Most are not this glaring, but we all make them.

    al sends

    (P.S. that was sarcasm)

    (P.S.S. so was that)

    (P.S.S.S. You know I love ya brother!)

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