2007July10, Tuesday

My God Would Never…

Posted in Current Events, Random Thoughts, Theology at 22:03 by Trey Austin

I came across this article about a young girl (currently ten years old) who had been worshiped as a living goddess by both Hindus and Buddhists, yet who was “deposed” from her position of deity because she didn’t receive “permission” to come to the United States for a promotional tour.

That really struck me because of what we see so often in more liberal forms of Christianity. You know, the people who say that they are Christians, but who also say things like, “I could never worship a God who sends people to suffer in Hell for all eternity!” or “MyGod would never choose some people and not choose others!” or “God loves you just like you are, because that’s how he made you!”

There is a real similarity between what those complete pagans have done to their pre-pubescent little goddess and what some of those so-called Christians do with Jehovah: they will worship only a “god” who conforms to what they believe that God should be, but that “god” that they do worship is never Jehovah of Armies, the Great I AM, whose voice makes the cedars burst to splinters and the deer writhe in labor, who not only counts the number of hairs on our heads, but avenges all evil-doers for their sin and impudence against his holy Law. In other words, they may never be so base as to put a chisel to a block of wood or hunk of stone to make a graven image, but they create an image of God by imposing their own concocted opinions, vain theories, and autonomous standards on their own conception of “god,” thus creating a brand new deity in their own image. And, of course, just like those Hindus and Buddhists with their troglodite religiosity, they will jettison even that god they have created by their own act of fiat if he (or she!) doesn’t satisfy them and do just as they please. That’s really, i think, the most ironic thing: they got rid of Jehovah because he wouldn’t cooperate with them, but even the false gods with whom they replace him won’t cooperate with them—and those gods are their own creations!

Whenever i hear some crazy Christian say something like “I could never believe in a God who sends people to Hell for all eternity!” or “My God would never choose to save some people and not others!”, i always think about one of my college professors at North Greenville University. The Reverend Doctor Walter Johnson always would say to students who made such assinine statements, “Then get your God out of the Bible instead of a cracker-jack box!”

Now that is the epitome of answering a fool according to his folly.


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  1. tempe said,

    “Then get your God out of the Bible instead of a cracker-jack box!”

    That is classic! Gotta commit that one to memory!

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