2007July9, Monday

Commitments, Commitments

Posted in My Life at 11:17 by Trey Austin

I have promised for over a week now that i would respond to the question of why i’m no longer a Baptist. One fellow in the comments section has taken me to task about what he claims is the unbiblical nature of infant baptism, which i embraced in becoming a Covenantal Presbyterian. I still do intend to respond to this and give an answer, but the difficulty has been that i was out of town in Myrtle Beach last week (and the place where we stayed had no reliable wifi connection), and this week, i am both finalizing plans for our presbytery’s summer camp (i’m the director), which starts next week, and i am chairman of the court records committee in our presbytery, and we have a meeting Saturday. In both cases, i’m coming upon a crisis: i can’t get my committee members who have evaluated the court records for sessions to respond to me and let me know if they’ve even gotten their records, much less that they’ve evaluated them; and i can’t get any volunteers to work as counselors for the camp that will probably have 60-80 kids at it (i have four confirmed counselors—and three of them are teenage boys).

If you think about it, please be in prayer for me as i put the final touches on this camp and am there next week (16-20). And, too, if you’re reading this and would like to volunteer (because you just don’t have anything better to do next week), let me know; we’d be glad to have some faithful church members, even from outside of our presbytery, to come and help by leading and staying with the kids at camp.

So, just be patient with me as you await my respose. It will come eventually. 🙂


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