2007July1, Sunday

Speaking Lies from the Womb…

Posted in Bible, Current Events at 19:52 by Trey Austin

According to the London Telegraph, some leading psychologists in the UK have discovered the ability for even the youngest infants to lie in various different ways. The claim of the Telegraph: “[B]abies learn to deceive from a far younger age than anyone previously suspected.” Well, if i might say so, what Christian didn’t “suspect” that? Psalm 58:3, “Even from birth the wicked go astray; from the womb they are wayward and speak lies.” 

I remember speaking to some friends of mine even before i had children (after my daughter was born, this conviction was only confirmed and reinforced) and telling them of my firm conviction that even the youngest children are capable of and actually engage in lying. It starts with fake crying to get attention, and it goes on from there. Well, now, even the secular psychologists are affirming what Christians have known since our Father, David, told us about how the root of evil is present from the very womb.

HT: Al Stout



  1. al said,


    What did you think of this quote from the article: “It demonstrates they’re clearly able to distinguish that what they are doing will have an effect. This is essentially all adults do when they tell lies, except in adults it becomes more morally loaded.”

    If they are capable of distinguishing “effect” would that not make their lying a “morally loaded” act? In other words… sin?

    al sends

  2. Trey Austin said,

    Well, sure, Al. But to acknowledge that fact, people would have to admit that morality isn’t the thing that many people think that it is, namely the violation of a consensus of societal values and norms. People want to believe that children are innocent and that the norms of morality are not universal across all societies, but they’d have to admit those very things to claim that children are capable of sinning.

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