2007June23, Saturday

More Computer Problems…

Posted in My Life at 9:19 by Trey Austin

Some of you may know that, back in the winter, i had some problems with my computer. Well, thanks to my 19-month-old, they’ve come back with a vengeance. I am having to send off my laptop to be repaired. What’s worse than all that is the fact that what the case manager i dealt with at HP told me she was going to do in order to compensate me for all the trouble i faced back then, she didn’t do. She promised to refund the cost of my warranty plan, and she promised to upgrade it to a three-year comprehensive plan (including accidental damage coverage). She did neither one. At least the woman i spoke with took the computer and is going to fix it without charging me anything, but i’m telling everyone here, just like i told her: I will *NEVER* buy a another HP product in all my life—EVER!


  1. Tim Bayly said,

    Get a Mac, dear brother.

  2. Trey Austin said,

    Well, thanks, but i don’t think that even a Mac is immune to the damage my Covenant child is capable of!

    My father used to say that i could tear up an anvil. LilliAna Grace gets it honest. 🙂

  3. tempe said,

    Trey is the reason I went with a Toshiba for our new laptop (instead of an HP). I’ve heard these horror stories before.

  4. Tony said,

    My brother bought an HP laptop a few years ago and had endless problems. He will also NEVER buy another HP computer.

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