2007June12, Tuesday

Petition to Recommit the FV Committee’s Report

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:06 by Trey Austin

General Assembly of the PCA starts today. I decided not to go for several reasons. Not only was money an issue, but also my wife was just this week scheduled to have an appointment with the midwife she uses, with a doctor that works with the midwife, and to have an ultrasound. Lord willing we will know the gender of the baby by Thursday (my wife is due sometime in mid-October). At any rate, i decided not to go to GA this year, but my prayers and thoughts are with those men who are there and are going to be.

Of course, my mind particularly goes to the “big” issue that GA will consider, that of the Federal Vision. The report has been everywhere, and there have been responses upon responses to it (i have posted a couple). Feelings run high on all sides (really, there are more than just two), and while i am convinced that the report will pass, there are overwhelming reasons that it should either be voted down or, at least, recommitted to become simply a report on the issues involved rather than a committee that recommends certain courses of action and a mandate of judgment against particular persons and views (as skewed as they were in their presentation).

One man, a lawyer in New Orleans, Jordan M. Siverd has written a memorandum stating his reasons, why the report should not be passed. After you read the memo, there is a note at the end of the .pdf document explaining where to go to sign an e-petition supporting the sentiments of the memo.

The PCA GA will take up the issue tomorrow, so it’s not too late to weigh in on the matter. Who knows whether the Lord will move and cause elders and ministers there to relent in their seeming overwhelming support of the flawed report.

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