2007June6, Wednesday

A Secession Movement in One of the Most Liberal States

Posted in Current Events, Politics at 15:25 by Trey Austin

Vermont (or at least some very influential thinkers there) have decided that they want a Second Republic of Vermont, going back to the way things were under the Articles of Confederation (1777-1791). Read more about it here at their official website.

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing more states go down this road. Our nation would (i believe) be shocked into reality by the secession of one (or 13) states and commonwealths from the Federal Republic. I can’t say i’d actually live in Vermont if such a thing passed, simply because it’d be among the most liberal republics we’ve seen in the West (think Holland, only smaller and drier). But, just think of what a wonderful thing it would be if South Carolina, North Carolina, or Virginia would secede from our corrupt Union again. This time, no one would stand for a War of Aggression against those who find remonstrating the government of our Federal Republic so pointless that the only answer is to withdraw from it on the very principles of the Declaration of Independence. If there is any time to do it, right now, when people are already war-weary, is the perfect time.

What i find so ironic is that Vermont was one of those states that willingly sent her noble sons off to slaughter the noble sons of the South for following their conscience in seeking independence from what was then just becoming a tyrranical and monstrous government that usurps the rights of the states and the people in violation of the Bill of Rights (Amendment 10, to be exact); but now that our federal government has become completely corrupt and rotten to the core, many of them are seeing how bitter is the fruit that they sought to sow, but which the Southron people saw and were afraid would sprout if the rights of states and the people were all but abolished by a central despotic democracy against their purported principles of a republic of states.

I just have one thing to say to that: DEO VINDICE!



  1. al said,

    Trey, I saw this the other day (don’t remember where) and I think I recall in the news article that the reporter’s first point was that these secessionists are trying to leave the the Union “peacefully.” As if the last large group wanted to leave any other way.

    I guess it is true though. The victor writes the history.

    al sends

  2. Trey Austin said,

    I think any objective observer of the history of the previous secession movement (for which some of our ancestors fought and died) will show very clearly that it was the Federal government which was the aggressor in the War for Southern Independence. Many point to the Confederate Army’s firing on Ft. Sumter as the first act of aggression, but then, that act happened on April 20, 1861, when South Carolina had officially seceeded from the Union on December 20, 1860, and the commander of Union forces in Charleston illegally (and against orders) retreated from Ft. Moultrie to Ft. Sumter. Ft. Sumter was clearly under the jurisdiction of South Carolina, in Charleston Harbor, and in spite of repeated attempts to get Union forces out from December on, they refused, and only evacuated the facility after the bombardment.

    It was the Union Army who were aggressors toward those whom they believed had illegally seceeded, even though the Southern States sought simply to establish a new government that would restore the original intent of the Constitution and of the Union of Sovereign States. That’s why i think this whole thing with Vermont is so funny: they are seeking to do the very thing that all of the Southern States sought to do. We may have lost, but the motto of the Confederacy stands as a testimony against anyone who opposed our secession but would then realize the need for one themselves, “God will vindicate [our cause].”

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