2007June2, Saturday

Sin of Being Children of our Father, Adam

Posted in Uncategorized at 15:41 by Trey Austin

Great God, our Father, we have nothing with which to come before you and be pleasing to you in and of ourselves, because we were all conceived and born in sin. We have inherited the guilt and corruption of sin from our First Father, Adam; when he sinned and died, we sinned and died in him and with him. Without your mercy and your grace, Almighty God, shed abroad in our hearts through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, we would be without hope of any redemption. But we throw ourselves upon your mercy, dear God, acknowledging our great need, and remembering with regret the many times we have sinned against you in our thoughts, words, and deeds. So, we pray, forgive us, heal us, and restore us to your grace, that we may live forever in the light of life, which you have shown us by the power of your Holy Spirit, Amen.

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