2007June2, Saturday

I Owe an Apology…

Posted in Blogroll, Politics at 8:54 by Trey Austin

…Well, maybe at least a heartfelt qualification, if not a hopeful retraction.

At the end of March, when i first heard about Fred Thompson’s possible bid for chief executive of our federal government, i posted this, claiming that Thompson was the “last best hope for the GOP.” Now, as i explained in my comments, what i meant by that was the fact that he was not only a true conservative (there are those in the race already), but that he actually could be elected (so far, the ones who can be aren’t).

I made that “electable” comment in response to Andy Packer’s question, “What about Ron Paul?” My answer was that he was a nobody, with no hope of being elected. Apparently, though, since the Republican debate (or, one could call it a “free-for-all”), Ron Paul has received some greater interest, not only among Republicans, but also among Democrats as well. His poll numbers may not have gone through the roof (he’s nowhere near the top 4), but i believe he has a hair’s chance at this thing if his candidacy takes off. Unfortunately, the man i originally praised may be the thing that prevents him from rising to the top of the field.

But, i say all that to say that i’m supporting Ron Paul until and unless he is no longer a presidential candidate. If you’d like to read more about him here are a few things you can check out.

  • Here is Ron Paul’s campaign page listing his stance on the issues. The only thing i’d take slight exception to with him is that he wants to remove us so quickly from Iraq (even if it wasn’t the best for us to go there, we are there and need to get to a “stopping place” before we just up and leave), but his foreign policy (he wants to leave the UN, and stop trying to police the world), his position on abortion (he’s an OBGYN, for goodness sake, and he opposes abortion categorically), his position on privacy from government intervention (why does the government need to know my business?), and especially his position on taxes are all head and shoulders above the field. Now, if he’d get rid of the income tax and the Social Security Trust Fund altogether, i’d kiss him on the mouth!
  • Andy Packer compiled a few defenses of Ron Paul in light of his performance at the Republican debate (Giuliani just used him for publicity…sad, sad, sad)
  • Ron Paul has a MySpace page (if you’re into that sorta thing).

And since it was Andy Packer and Eric Langborgh who convinced me to endore him, i am adding them both to my blogroll.

Thanks, guys.



  1. Amber said,

    We’re HUGE Ron Paul supporters. Glad you changed your mind! He’s really tapped into the young voting crowd, which I don’t see happening with any of the other candidates, GOP or otherwise. If you sign up on his email list, you can see how he tops new lists every few days- like most youtube.com subscriptions, most eventful.com GOP demands, etc. And I’ve facebooked him. It’s the anti-myspace you know, lol.

  2. Andy Packer said,

    I am still not sure about Thompson and I wonder if people will be that excited about him when he is actually in the race – you know the whole, people always want what they can’t have issue.

    At the very least Ron Paul is getting the country to discuss the role of government – even on liberal talk shows! I am hoping that it paves the way for true conservatives to get a voice in government again.

  3. al said,

    Thompson reminds me of Barack Hussein Obama. Not in his positions of course, but in his “unknownness.” He has a very short Senate record and most folks just know that they like what he is saying today. But if he proves to be a true limited government conservative with libertarian ideas on the constitution and judges I would give him great consideration.

  4. Mr. Austin,

    Glad to hear you are now converted to the Ron Paul cause. And I am humbled that I have played a small role in your rethinking here.

    Admittedly, Dr. Paul is still a long, long shot. But the fact that he is a shot at all is more than we could have hoped for, and, as I’ve said in various other places, the longer he says in the more he forces the country to actually consider and debate what the proper role of government should be. That is monumental in and of itself.

    I want to you, too, for your decision to include me in your blogroll. I’m looking through your blog here some and really like what I see – keep up the great work!


  5. Trey Austin said,


    Truth is, the candidates who will never have a chance in Hell running against Hillary (because they are so much like her) will eventually have to drop out of the race. Why in the world would John McCain think he has any kind of chance at the Republican nominaion? Why would Rudy Giuliani? What a joke.

    I do fear, though, that people are all too willing to give up their freedoms to continue a pointless and futile foreign policy that is, ultimately, a dead end (what is the purpose of Imperialism when, as a nation, we have avowed ourselves against it?).

    I confess, i was in favor of the War in Iraq when it started, but i see now that it was a mistake–not because we didn’t find anything there (anyone with any sense knows that Hussein sent what he had away), but because it has now made matters worse instead of better, both in the country itself and in the entire region. One thing i notice, though, is the significant difference between Ron Paul and the Democratic ideas about how the War in Iraq is wrong. The Democrats (almost all of whom were in favor of the war at the outset) have changed their view, most prominently, based on public opinion, and they are still quite happy with a foreign policy that intervenes in the affairs of other nations–just not Iraq, now. Paul, though, is consistent in his stand against liberal foreign policies, and wants to bring us back to a constitutional government on all fronts.

    Would that he could be our next president.

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