2007May30, Wednesday

Some Very Good Questions for the PCA FV/NPP Committee

Posted in Uncategorized at 20:29 by Trey Austin

You’ve probably heard about it from other blogs, but here is a very fair-minded and sober letter written to question why the Ad Interim Committee on FV/NPP/AA did what it did. The questions they ask are very good, and really are a more brief rehashing of some of the issues that Jeff Meyers brought out in his 30 Reasons essay (and now, the pared down 12 Reasons essay) expounding the numerous faults of the committee, from its very composition to its very inbalanced findings.

Some anti-FV folks have been asking why it is just now that people have been questioning the composition of the committee if it was apparent from the beginning that so many of the members of the committee had already made their views against the FV public. The simple answer to that question is that, to most fair-minded people (FV and non-FV alike), it was at least possible that people who didn’t personally agree with FV emphases could put forward a balanced and fair report that presents the views in question with dignity and charity. Most people i know on all sides were hoping that would take place, even as we were disappointed at the formation of the committee last summer. It is obvious, though, that the moderator and his hand-picked heresy-hunters were incapable of being balanced or charitable in their assessment of views that diverge from their own. It is right, then, even at this late date, knowing the lack of charity with which the report presents the views of the FV men, to point out the lack of balance on the committee, and even how it violates Robert’s Rules.

I have a feeling that the report will still pass, but i am at least a little encouraged that men who have specifically said that they are not part of the FV conversation are opposed to the report as it now stands and as it is being presented to the PCA General Assembly.


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