2007May23, Wednesday

LOST Finale–Some Thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized at 22:47 by Trey Austin

Well, i watched the LOST finale tonight after we got home from church. If you haven’t watched it (and you want to before any spoilers), just stop reading now, and go here and watch the episode.

Spoiler Synopsis:  

The episode started with some flashbacks of Jack with a beard. He was actually going to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, but just as he was going to, a car crashed on the bridge preventing him from doing it. He went to save the people, and ultimately was seen as a hero. All through the various flashbacks, he contined to demonstrate a marked addiction to Oxycodone and alcohol. At one point, while he was trying to smuggle some Oxycodone out of the hospital, he was confronted by the new chief of surgery (who wouldn’t allow Jack to operate on the woman he had rescued from the car crash) on being drunk. Jack rejoined that, if he called his father there, and Jack was drunker than his father, the cheif could fire him right there. He was obviously struggling, all through those various flashbacks, with great depression, especially having read an obituary about the death of a friend (we aren’t told who it was, but when Jack went to the viewing, no one except him had shown up).

Back with the attempt to thwart the “Others” and stop the blocking of radio signals, Charlie, who had gone down to the underwater Looking Glass station from the outrigger he and Desmond were on, had been tied up and was being beaten by the two women who were the station’s attendants. Apparently, Ben had told everyone among his people that the Looking Glass was flooded, and they didn’t know that it’s function was to block all radio transmissions except for those Ben controls. They radioed Ben and told him that he had come down, and Charlie let them know that Juliette had told the lost party that the station was there and what it did. So, now, Ben and all his compatriots were suspicious of Juliette’s loyalty. Tom questioned what else Juliette might have told them, and of course, what everyone was thinking in that regard was the raid on the camp to take all the pregnant women, in which Juliette was supposed to mark the tents and let the raiding party know which had pregnant women in them.

Back at the camp, Jack and everyone excep Sayid, Jin, and Bernard had left to go to the radio tower. Those three who stayed behind to blow up the dynamite were successful in blowing up two of the three marked tents with the explosives (Jin’s aim being off with his handgun), and while they killed seven of the “Others” from the raiding party that came to take the pregnant women, three of them remained alive, and captured Sayid, Jin, and Bernard. They radioed Ben and told him that the mission had been compromised. Ben wanted to know just where all the stranded party (including Danielle, the French woman on the island before the plane crashed, and Carl, the boyfriend of Alex, Ben’s supposed daughter), so he told the survivors to question the three there, but of course they weren’t talking. Ben then told them to shoot Jin to get Sayid or Bernard to talk. Of course, as they were just about to shoot him, Bernard squealed like a pig about everything the group was doing, thinking that he was saving Jin’s life. Ben told his men not to kill the three…yet.

In response, Ben then set out to meet the group on their way to the radio tower, and he also sent Mikhail (the Russian with the eye-patch) to the Looking Glass to take care of Charlie and the women there. Ben, in going to meet the group, was planning on trying to convince Jack not to contact Naomi’s ship with her satellite phone (Naomi was the woman who parachuted onto the island from a damaged helecopter, who claimed there was a ship 80 miles off the island). Surprisingly, when his his sixteen-year-old daughter, Alex, said she wanted to go with him, he allowed it and even encouraged it. On the way there, he let her know that Carl had betrayed the “Others” group and Ben to the crash survivors and that the reason he was allowing Alex to come was to take her to her new home with the group.

Mikhail had made it to the beach to go down to the Looking Glass station, and Desmond was just waking up from being knocked out by Charlie before he dove down to the station. Mikhail started firing his rifle at Desmond in the outrigger, and there was nothing to do but to go down. He happened to come up through the floor just when the women were in the control room arguing among themselves about what to do with Charlie. Charlie told Des to hide, and so he went into a locker closet just off of the deck surrounding the pool. The women heard Charlie talking, and came out asking him who he was talking to, but he started singing one of the songs from his band to cover. Charlie was confident that he would shut off the jamming signal, but the women informed him that he would need the code–something he had known nothing about until they told him–and only they and Ben knew it. Charlie, though, knowing his fate from Desmond’s vision, knew he would somehow shut off the jammer, and so he just went on singing. One of the women, angry at his singing, said she was going to get a spear gun to shoot him, but the spear gun just happened to be in the locker closet where Desmond was hiding, and so Charlie did his best to keep her from opening it. But just before she was opening the locker, Mikhail came up from the pool. He was surprised to find the station not flooded and functional, and with two women he thought were on another mission somewhere manning the station. He told them about Desmond coming down, but they had no idea he had come down. Mikhail questioned Charlie about where Desmond went, but Charlie retorted with asking a more important question about why Ben was jamming all signals from the island (this would be important to Mikhail who lives in another satellite station that he believed was inoperable) and why the station was not flooded like Ben had said. Mikhail radioed Ben for an explanation, and Ben was falling all over himself trying to explain and apologize for lying to Mikhail, but he assured him that everything he did, he did for the island. Ben told Mikhail to kill Charlie, and also to take care of the women there. When he came out of the room where he was talking with Ben on the radio, he questioned the women about the station and its functionality, and then he shot the women, killing one, and mortally wounding the other. Just then, Desmond burst from the closet and shot Mikhail with a spear gun in the middle of the chest. Desmond got the gun Mikhail had and was going to finish off the other woman, but Charlie stopped him and told him that she has the code they need to shut off the jammer. Delirious, she started rattling off a long list of numbers, but Charlie couldn’t get them down. She finally said that the code are notes from a specific song, “Good Vibrations,” by the Beach Boys. She finally fades, and Charlie goes into the control room where he sees the touchpad. Being musician, he had no trouble tapping out the notes from the opening lines of “Good Vibrations” on the keypad, and as soon as the jammer was off, there was an incoming message. He turned it on, and saw that it was Penelope, Desmond’s former fiance, who had been looking for him, and from whose ship Naomi said she had come to look for Desmond. When Charlie asked, though, Penelope knew nothing of the ship or Naomi’s helecopter ride to the island. Just as Charlie was calling Desmond to come and speak to Penny, though, Desmond discovered that Mikhail’s body was no longer lying where it was, and Charlie heard a knocking outside the porthole of the control room, and he saw Mikhail in his scuba suit holding a grenade. He shut the hatch door in Desmond’s face, just as the grenade exploded and shattered the porthole glass. Charlie seemed to contemplate his fate of drowning after turning off the jammer, and then wrote a message on his hand to give to Desmond: “NOT PENNY’S SHIP!” The room filled with water, and Charlie seemed to fade away.

Back on the island, Ben had gone to intercept the group heading when Ben caught up with them, he took Jack aside to talk to him, and Jack took his walkie-talkie. Ben told Jack that Naomi is not who she says she is, and that if he allows her to contact her ship, every single living person on the island will die. Ben likened the decision Jack had to make to a decision Ben himself had to make a while back, when over 40 people died in a single day. Of course Jack didn’t believe Ben’s claims, thinking them to be what he’s always known them to be: lies. Ben asked for his radio back, telling Jack that there’s something he needs to see. Ben radios Tom and the other two men holding Jin, Sayid, and Bernard, and informs Jack that he has them, and that they would be killed if Jack didn’t go and get the satellite phone from Naomi and give it to him. Jack asked him what would stop him from just snapping Ben’s neck. Ben then told the surviving men from the raiding party that if they don’t hear his voice in one minute, shoot all three of the men they were holding. Jack struggled with it, but he knew that Sayid had told him that he was willing to die if it meant everyone getting rescued. He refused to go get the phone, and all one could hear over the radio is three shots. Jack’s emotions then were out of control on hearing the shots that killed his friends, and he beat Ben brutally, and then took him back to the group. As Alex was hovering over her bloodied and beaten father, Danielle came over and was standing over them both; Ben informed Alex that Danielle is her mother.

Meanwhile, Sawyer, Juliette, and Hurley had gone back to the original camp where the ambush of the raiding party was to take place. Sawyer insulted Hurley about his weight to get him to go back, and so only Juliette and Sawyer proceeded on to the camp. Hurley, though, just wanted to find a way to be useful to help everyone. When Juliette and Sawyer got there to the camp, they saw that they were outnumbered and outgunned, but apparently their friends were still alive, the raiding party having fired three shots in the ground instead of shooting the men, because they saw how Ben was going off the deep end. Just as Juliette and Sawyer were coming to the realization that they were outnumbered and wondering how they could rescue their friends, they heard some kind of noise coming from the jungle behind them. Just then, the minibus that Hurley had started (the one we later found out that had Ben’s dead father, Roger, in it when Ben killed him) was barrelling through the woods and into the camp, running over one of the captors and knocking over Tom. Sawyer rushed behind the minibus, kept Hurley inside, and grabbed the gun the man who had been run over dropped. Sayid, though tied up and gagged, managed to sweep the legs out from under the other man, and held him in a headlock with his legs. Sawyer kicked away the gun that Tom had before he could get it back, and though he said he surrendered, Sawyer shot him in the chest. Hurley radioed Jack and the group to tell them that everyone was OK, including the three men that Jack and Ben thought were dead.

Jack and his group finally reached the radio tower, and they turned off the message Danielle had recorded sixteen years earlier when she crashed on the island. Naomi saw that the signal was no longer being jammed, and she was trying to get a signal, and as she walked out of the station below the radio tower and acquired a signal, Locke (who had been shot by Ben, and apparently had been paralyzed again; it was actually Walt who, somehow, came to the pit where he lie and encouraged him not to shoot himself, which he was about to do) threw a knife and killed Naomi just as the phone was connecting. Locke told Jack not to touch the phone, threatening to shoot him if he did, but Jack reached for it anyway and picked it up. Locke told Jack that he wasn’t supposed to do this, but Jack told him that he was through keeping him on the island. The phone had been ringing, and a man picked up on the other end of the phone. Jack told him who they were and that they had found Naomi (but not that she was dead), and asked if he could get a fix on their location. The man said that he could and that they’d be there shortly. Everyone was elated, as expected.

The final scene shows Jack back in one of the flashbacks where he was addicted to drugs, drinking alot, and very depressed. He was apparently in his home, which was an absolute mess. He reaches to his cellphone to call someone, and tells the person on the other end of the line that, in spite of the fact the person told him not to, he was calling anyway, because he needed to see the person, and that they should meet at the airport. He went to the airport, just off of the runway, and a car pulled up, and up walked, of all people, Kate. He told her about the person who had died, and he told her that he wanted to die, which is why he’d been flying so much. He said he wanted to back, and that they had made a mistake to try and leave the island. As she pulled off, he yelled at her, “We have to go back!”

My thoughts:

Well, it’s obvious that the “flashbacks” in this episode were actually “flashforwards,” or better yet, what took place on the island were the flashbacks. This was after everyone had been rescued, and Jack’s life was falling apart. He regretting trying to leave the island and defying Ben and Locke.

It seems that Ben may actually have been telling the truth when he said that Naomi wasn’t who she said she was, especially since Naomi said that Penelope was the one who had sent her to look for Desmond, and according to Penelope’s account to Charlie, that wasn’t so.

One funny little thing i noticed, though, was that Jack, in those “flashforwards” referred to his father as still being alive, while in the first season, we saw that his father died in Sydney. In an episode in the first season, Jack saw his father walking around, but we were expected to chalk it up to Jack’s overactive imagination. But there may be something to it.

Also, this will be about the third time that Mikhail has been killed in some way unsuccessfully. Taken with the guy who recruited Juliette (Richard), one of the original inhabitants of the island before the Dharma Initiative came to the island, who doesn’t seem to have aged from the time Ben was a young kid, it seems that Mikhail may have been one of those “hostiles” that the Dharma Initiative fought against and by whom they were defeated. Some kind of immortality seems to be at work.

I didn’t recount it in my synopsis, but a running undercurrent in this episode was that the “Others” had to trust Ben and his leadership in Jacob’s name, or else everything that they had would unravel. I’m starting to think that my original idea that this show is about the conflict between faith and reason, free will and predestination, religion and secularism, &c., but it may appear that the “Others” represent religion in general (in a kind of cultic way, which is the way that many secularists look at religion in general). Given that there is some kind of unseen being (named “Jacob”) communicating to Ben, and given that the people following him must do so blindly, and given that there is a promise (or in some cases, an experience) of immortality and curing of all disease and sickness through the mysterious power of the island, which island also affords a dark and sinister “smoke monster” that is the seeming embodiment of evil, and they are trying to keep all the people there fon the island from leaving and also trying to recruit others to come: it just seems to me that this is presented as some kind of religious analogy or corollary. These hateful and murderous people are the “religious” ones, and that’s all that religion leads to. Religious philosophy is obviously the undercurrent, given the names of many of the characters are the exact names of famous religious philosophers (e.g., Mikhail Bakunin, Russian Anarchist; John Locke, the secular, even anti-Christian, philosopher; David Hume, whose name is shared by Desmond, was a secular, naturalist, and skeptical philosopher, &c.).

What will be interesting, though, is to see what leads to Jack’s depression and disappointment, if possibly, there is something we don’t know about that will affirm Ben’s contention that, really, they are the “good guys,” and there are others who are trying to fight against them and destroy what they have who are really the “bad guys.”

Who else watches? Any thoughts?



  1. Tim Prussic said,

    dang… I’ve never once watched Lost. But that was a massive post!

  2. Trey Austin said,

    Well, of course, anyone who saw the show could skip the synopsis if they wanted to. It was a two-hour long episode; i think i did a pretty good job of paring it down!

    I’m telling you, Tim, you really need to get the DVDs and watch all the back episodes. LOST is going to be a majorly prevalent cultural force in years to come. I can easily see entire college courses being taught on the intricate details of the show. When you read about all of the small details that play into the overall message and clues in the show, you’ll be astounded. It really is very compelling!

  3. Amber said,

    Trey, excellent recap. and I agree with your comment #2. cultural phenomenon and all that.

    Did you notice that the mess in Jack’s apartment was maps? There’s a site called losteastereggs.blogspot.com that has close-ups of different frames that help give clues about vague parts of the show. They came up with a pretty good shot of Jacob a few weeks ago.

    My favorite part last night (or maybe of the entire series so far) was when Hurley came hurtling down out of nowhere in that van and plowed down the bad guys. I stood up and cheered. My heart had broken for him last week, then again earlier in the show when he was turned away each time he tried to help. I loved how the episode was filled with courageous acts. Real men being brave. coolness. And my other favorite part was that Rousseau’s first words to her daughter were “help me tie him up.” lol!

    Don’t know how I’m gonna make it for seven months wondering what will happen next. At least my Thursdays will be a little more rested. 11pm is a late bedtime for me, and I’m usually awake until midnight because my mind is so busy afterward.

  4. Amber said,

    oh and I keep thinking maybe Ben and the others are good guys, but I can’t ever believe that anyone “good” has to resort to a constant distortion of the truth, outright lying, kidnapping, AND murder on a grand scale to keep control. If he were good, he would be honest with his people and promise to tell them what they need to know.

    Okay, time for my own blog.

  5. Trey Austin said,

    Thanks for that, Amber. You’re absolutely right about courageous men (and women) doing special things. I feel alright about waiting seven months because there were a good many loose ends tied up. I love it when a plan comes together and things turn out well. If they had left us believing that three men were dead, wondering what happened to Charlie and Desmond, and left us wondering if they would actually make contact with the outside world, i’d be mad, and *THAT* would make me impatient. I can wait having a few answers.

    BTW, where’s your blog?

  6. Amber said,

    lol. time to start my own blog. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time but don’t want to start unless it’s something I’m sure I can stick with. Hard to know for sure if that will happen, so I think that I’m going to give it a shot and find out in the next couple of weeks.

  7. Tim Prussic said,

    Dude, I’m too caught up in the Simpsons to even give thought to whoring myself out to other shows.

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