2007May21, Monday


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As you could see in the last post, there is a tree in the front yard. In the original pictures in 2005, it was a nice, thriving tree, with much promise. Now, i think, due to the low spot that floods in the front yard, the tree is dead. I think there is an illustration of the Christian life here: in the case of Covenant breakers, while all the promise and indications of life were there at one time, life gets choked out, and only death follows, save for God’s granting repentance and mercy.

In the mean time, though, i have to get that tree and stump up somehow. I’m going to have to dig up around the stump, and then i’m going to have a guy in our town to come pull it up with his dump truck. Also, there were some rhododendrons across the front, and these pictures were taken a few months after they had been cut back. Before this, though, they were up to the roofline, and since then, having never been cut, they were almost that big again. I dug all five of them up, but i had to mutilate them so to get them up and the roots were so big that i didn’t have any hope of saving them and transplanting them. But even before i could remove those bushes and those on the side of the house, i had to remove all the rock mulch that had been in those beds for nearly 20 years. I hate rock mulch as much as i hate anything.

You can also see in these new set of pictures that i got a big load of dirt. That’s to fill in the low spot, where i am going to put a new bed, and also to build up the other beds in front of the house and at the end of the sidewalk. You can see where i’ve marked the yard for the new beds and started on preparing them. I’ve still got alot of work to do.

Manse Sidewalkd, 5/2007Manse Front Door, 5/2007










Manse Driveway, 5/2007Manse Front, 5/2007



  1. Austin Storm said,

    Nice, those beds will look sharp.

  2. Trey Austin said,

    Thanks for the encouragement, Austin. I need it.

    Our deacon was here today helping me cut off the branches of the dead tree and dig up around it to pull it up. We were sitting in the breeze way taking a break, and i asked him, “Phillip, why’d you let me start this?” It is such a big job.

    I do look forward to having it all completed and being able to sit back and enjoy it. Until then, i’ll just have to work, sweat, and remember the curse on our First Father Adam.

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