2007May14, Monday

I’m Tired

Posted in Uncategorized at 21:35 by Trey Austin

I’ve been working in the yard all day today. Having purchased a bagger for my lawnmower last week, i put it together today and cut the grass. The problem i’m facing, though, is that it keeps clogging up. I think it has to do with how much grass i was trying to cut. Looks like i won’t be able to cut the grass as short when i’m picking up the clippings as when i normally cut it without all that. It took me *FOREVER* (or so it felt) to cut the grass this afternoon and evening. What a job!

I’m still in the process of trying to landscape the manse here. I’m hoping to post some pictures of “before” (some pictures we took of the manse before we even moved in), some picutres of “in progress,” and the “completed” pictures when it’s done (or when the various stages are done). I doubt many people will care all that much, but it’s what is consuming most of my time these days, and i thought i could share it all with the few of you who read this blog.


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