2007May7, Monday

Wilson Debates Hitchens (Kind of…)

Posted in Blogroll at 22:13 by Trey Austin

Does a blog debate really qualify as a debate? If it does, then Douglas Wilson will debate “the Dickens” out of this thing.

On the Christianity Today website, beginning tomorrow, there will be a debate between Christopher Hitchens, who wrote “Letters to a Young Contrarian,” and Doublas Wilson, who writes more books than i can read, but who wrote “Letter from a Christian Citizen” in response to Sam Harris’ “Letter to a Christian Nation.”

I’m sure this’ll be an interesting debate. Atheists are so quaint, aren’t they? They always say the funniest things. But i’m sure that this debate will be much more fulfilling than Rick “the Broad Evan-jellyfish” Warren debating Sam Harris in Newsweek. We need more presuppositionalists in public and high-profile debates. This is a good start.


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