2007May7, Monday

What I’ve Been Doing

Posted in My Life at 12:53 by Trey Austin

Rumors of my e-life demise have been greatly exaggerated (especially by that Aussie Hobbit who inhabits the book stacks of the RTS Jackson library).

Since i’ve been home, i prepared for worship on Sunday, which was important in itself. I preached on Genesis 3:7-13, which is the immediate aftermath of our First Parents’ first transgression. I was greatly challenged and edified just from the preaching of it.

This morning, when i woke up, i went to the doctor. I have a couple of issues i’m dealing with, but they’ve been relatively minor problems for many years now. I did, though, decide to try and get some resolution to them. So, i’m headed to the dermatologist tomorrow morning for a biopsy on a rash on my hands that i have had for years. It isn’t contagious at all; i’ve had it on and off since i was 8 years old, but the doctors when i was younger didn’t know what to do except prescribe Cortisone cream. I figured, though, that maybe dermatology has progressed in these past 20 years. We’ll see. I’m also going to see the endocrinologist in Bristol, TN, about a different matter, though the doctor said that it could be related to my recurring rash. Nothing serious, but i figured it was time i did something about these issues.

Having to deal with the doctors, though, has been an adventure—not because they are hard to deal with themselves, but because their staff are “pertinacious” about all the information they need. I have refused to give out Social Security numbers for me or my family, and i am in the process of having my SSN rescinded. It’s all a big hastle. The endocrinologist’s clinic said that they would not take my referral from my local doctor without my SSN. I told them that they were violating my civil rights if they didn’t, and that if they didn’t want a lawsuit on their hands, they’d see me without it. Well, after ten minutes holding, the lady came back and said that i would be responsible to pay for the visit and tests if my insurance didn’t pay. Fine. They’ll pay. So much for “We can’t take you at all without the Social Security Number.”

I went again today to the SSA office in Wise County. I want to move the process forward with rescinding my number. I spoke with the manager, and he said it was above him, and he needed a written request of what i wanted to be able to process it through to the central office of the SSA. He’s still convinced by the talk that having a Social Security number is required in order to work in the US. I told him that i was a citizen of the United States regardless of whether i am a member of a government program, and i have every right to live and work here even without the SSN. He was very nice, but not very well-informed.

Incidentally, though, he also said that the Social Security Number is not a means of identification, and that it was never intended to be used as such. Schools, doctors, and other agencies that want to use it as a means of identification do so for convenience sake, but are violating our rights when they require it (or attempt to). More people should rescind their application to be part of the SS system and/or refuse to give out Social Security numbers to anyone except the government agencies dealing with the information. If we did, they’d be forced to find other ways of doing what they do.

Now, i just have to get this letter written and sent off to the manager of the SS office in Wise, and then i can go work on my yard. After two weeks away, the grass is horendous. I’m also trying to get my flower beds fixed and presentable, but that’s going to take more time (and alot more money). With the impending birth of another child, and with these doctor’s bills, i’m probably not going to have alot of money to spend on them. Anyone have any flowers to donate? 🙂

Now, i hope this satisfies some of you people. I am alive and well in southwest Virginia.

For those of you who wish to have more information about how the Social Security system is a *VOLUNTARY* system that no one is required to be part of in order to live or *WORK* in the United States, please see here: http://famguardian.org/TaxFreedom/Forms/Emancipation/SSTrustIndenture.pdf. (Please note that there are some things stated in this document that are religious in nature, which i do not endorse, but that the information in the document itself is otherwise sound.)


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