2007May7, Monday

One of the Strangest Debates

Posted in Uncategorized at 13:15 by Trey Austin

Here you’ll find a link to the “Porn Debate.” Apparently, Ron Jeremy, the (in?)famous porn star (he appeared on a season of VH1’s reality show “The Surreal Life”) will debate a so-called “porn pastor” (i didn’t make up the term; that’s what the website calls him!), Craig Gross (pastor of the XXX Church, www.xxxchurch.com), on whether pornography (internet or otherwise) is a benign or even positive influence on people’s lives (the PRO position) or whether it is destructive and harmful (the CON position).

Big surprise that you have to buy tickets. Still, i’d love to hear it.

I’m sure it’ll be on video soon. 😉


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