2007May7, Monday

Funny Slip

Posted in Anecdotes at 15:01 by Trey Austin

Here at the manse, i have almost an acre of grass to cut. Compared to grass i’ve cut in other places, it’s not all that bad, but it still adds up. There is one problem, though: the grass grows faster than it breaks down after it’s cut.

So, my wife and i decided it’d be a good idea to get a bagger for the lawn mower so that there wouldn’t be a bunch of grass piled up in the back yard after i cut grass. That way, we won’t be tracking it in, and our daughter can play in the yard without worrying about getting it all over her.

The lawnmower we have (it was given to us by a couple in our church that no longer uses it) is a Murray, and since Murray is now a defunct company, it’s hard to find parts and accessories for it. So, i’m having to order the bagger over the internet to get it.

My wife IM’d me from the other room at her computer asking me how it was coming along. However, she made a cute little typo. She typed, “How’s the nagger ordering coming along?”

Of course, i replied: “I already have one of those. I don’t need to order another one.”


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  1. Anna Phillips said,

    Now, knowing Angela, what was her reply? 🙂
    Miss both of y’all bunches, especially with Synod approaching.

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