2007May4, Friday

Coming Back…

Posted in My Life at 22:44 by Trey Austin

Since some of you have expressed some concern (apparently, you couldn’t read the post i left a bit ago explaining it!), i’m letting you know that i have not been lazy; i have not been watching TV; i have not gotten burnt out on my blog. My wife and i have been in Colorado Springs, CO, for the past two weeks. We flew out Monday last (4/23). I had a candidate in our presbytery preach for me last Sunday while i worshiped in Colorado. I hope everything went well enough; i haven’t found out yet.

We were out visiting my sister-in-law, Maria (Angela’s sister) and her children. My mother-in-law came out this past Monday, as well. It was very nice, and i’m sure i’ll have lots of stories to post about my trip, some of them not all that good, but it was nice on the whole.

We left out early yesterday afternoon from CO Springs, and made our way to DFW (i waved, Tony! Did you see me?), and now we’re back in Greenville, SC. We still have a three-and-a-half hour drive up to Wise County, VA, tomorrow before we’re home. I’m going right back into the thick of it when we get back, because i get up the next morning and go back to church and lead worship.

When i get back i have to cut grass and continue my landscaping project (our manse is in desperate need of some aesthetic improvement, because it has been neglected and overlooked for so long). And, too, i have a bunch of visiting to do in the mean time.

So, thanks for all those who were concerned, and even for those who just thought it funny. I’m alive and well and on my way back to my real life. 🙂


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  1. Tony said,

    “i waved, Tony! Did you see me?”

    No, I didn’t see you. However, I did notice a strange smell in the air. There was an unusual South Carolinian reek that would not go away! LOL 🙂

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