2007April21, Saturday

Sin of Being Fooled by Subtle Temptation

Posted in Confession of Sin at 20:23 by Trey Austin

Father, forgive us for having yielded to temptation and given a foot-hold to our enemy and yours, Satan. Forgive us for having been fooled by the subtlety of the tempter and the pleasantness of sin, while ignoring the promises you have made to us as your people, which are better than anything anyone can offer. Help us to realize, O Lord, that sin is only pleasant for a short time, and that its fruit is bitter and lasts far longer than we wish to bear it. Grant, then, we pray, the grace to follow you, obey you, and love you with pure hearts through Christ Jesus, our precious Savior, Amen.



  1. Tim Prussic said,

    Lovely prayer, Trey.

    You’re slowing down on your blog posts. Everything alright?

  2. David Ponter said,

    I think he ran out of steam. Trey works in spurts, like that volcano that blows up 5 years.

    David πŸ™‚

  3. Tim Prussic said,

    What does he do the rest of the time? Evidently, he watches plenty of TV!

  4. David Ponter said,

    Well he says he is back, but I think he has peaked. I think all the other stuff is just excuses.

    David πŸ™‚

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