2007April18, Wednesday

Interesting Word: “Pertinacious”

Posted in Interesting Words at 14:23 by Trey Austin

From Calvin’s Commentary on Amos 4:

Now since the end of punishment is to turn men to God and his service, it is evident, when no fruit follows, that the mind is hardened in evil. Hence the Prophet shows here, that the Israelites were not only guilty, but had also pertinaciously resisted God, for their vices could be corrected by no punishment.

Pertinacious (pûr’tn-ā’shəs)
Stubborn, obstinate; objectionably persistent, especially without any seeming benefit

From Middle French pertinacité, by way of Old French pertinace (“obstinate”); originally from Latin pertinacem (nominative, pertinax) “very firm, tenacious,” from per- “very” + tenax “tenacious.”


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