2007April17, Tuesday

They Don’t Make TV Like This Anymore

Posted in Uncategorized at 22:07 by Trey Austin

This is from the show that Tennessee Ernie Ford made back in the 50s. I think this was from an earlier show than the Tennessee Ernie Ford variety show that he made in the 60s and 70s. This was his family hour thing. Either way, though, this is just one hilarious moment of live TV.

Be sure to watch it several times. There’s a whole lot going on here, and it’ll take a few times to see it all—the kid’s funny dancing, the other kids’ raction, and Ford’s reaction.

BTW, i love this song. It’s traditionally a Christmas song and would be wonderful to sing while caroling with a group of folks. Also, i love the full-bodied choir that used to accompany singers in the 50s. It’s the same kind of music that they played in the Disney movies in the 50s. Why don’t they have full voiced choirs sing like this in music anymore?

For your enjoyment, the late, great Tennessee Ernie Ford, in the presence of Christ, but still entertaining us:

“Children Go Where I Send Thee”


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