2007April3, Tuesday

Westminster Confession and Original Intent

Posted in The Church at 17:25 by Trey Austin

In my presbytery (Westminster, PCA), there are certain requirements for those who would come in and minister in the churches. One particular view that our presbytery has taken a strong stand on (and for which has become quite infamous in our denomination) is that of twenty-four hour, six-day creation. No man who questions it or affirms any other view  (day-age, framework, theistic evolution, &c.) will be admitted.

Here, though is a very interesting article written by an OP minister (who serves a PCA church), Peter Wallace, who, i think, rightly shows the relationship between Scripture and the Confession and that those who hold to views that do not square exactly with the “original intent” of the Westminster Confession of Faith should not be disparaged or ostracized as “liberal.” The article  has to do specifically with the creation issue, but, considering all the other issues that are fluttering around in Reformedom, it has application to lots of other areas—some of which he actually mentions in passing.

It is very thought-provoking and quite informative. Hope you enjoy.



  1. I have to say that the argument for the “analogous day view” is pretty strong. I read through several of the essays on creation. I really loved the theological reasoning and application of the days of creation, especially the 7th and 8th day application of redemption. Thanks for the links Trey.

  2. […] And finally, Trey Austin looks at the WCF and asks a question along the same lines: Check my friend Trey’s Blog out. He has a little girl that is cute as a button and there are pictures! […]

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