2007March27, Tuesday

Moleskine Notebooks

Posted in Recommendations at 12:54 by Trey Austin

MoleskineI’ve always been an artist. I love nothing more than to sit down with pen and paper and pour out my creativity in a way that produces something nice. So when i saw the Moleskine notebooks that Sky Cow Books sells, i wanted to give them a try.

I’ve had my set for a couple of weeks now. The cover is a thick cardboard, and the paper on the notebook i purchased is basically writing paper (they have others made specifically for sketching, but i like the thinner paper). All the pages are sewn in together by proper book binding—but lest you think that that means you can’t tear out pages, there are several pages in the back perforated just so you can tear out pages to use for other things.

These would make great journals or small sketch books. In addition to the blank pages, they offer lined pages for writing (for those of us who have a hard time keeping a straight line even with them!); they offer tabbed edges perfect for address books or other indexed uses; and they also have Moleskine books that are lined for music. Interesting i thought.

At any rate, i like mine, and as more purposes arise for which to use them, i may just have to purchase some more.


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